Storage on the blockchain

I really like StorJ and I wondered if Reddcoin could implement StorJ functionality as a sidechain designed for one product only.

My idea is a Jukebox page that uses blockchain-saved MP3. Users may send Reddcoins to make the Jukebox play. While there is only one of thoses Jukeboxes, users can set up their own radio and get paid by their listeners. Grooveshark has this kind of Radio model, however Radio Hosts are not paid. The model could be pretty intriguing, What do you think?

What is the advantage to Reddcoin to allow this versus just using Reddcoin to Tip users?

if the devs did put their energy in that, i’d leave the boat.


The Reddcoin developers do have a lot on their plate currently, and there is already a well defined plan moving forward. Infographic . We are continuing to see the fruits of their labours.
The focus of the team should be on continuing to deliver a platform and services that build on the mantra of Reddcoin being the social currency.

Your idea sounds interesting, but that could probably be a service developed by others outside the core team.


Blockchain-based cloud storage is a cool idea, but it’s a totally different niche than the one Reddcoin is working to fill.


There is no versus.

Sorry, I don´t get it. Even if the project would be considered a waste of time it wouldn´t harm other projects.

I believe that it will be hard to do this outside the core team since it affects core code. I don´t think that this contradicts the claim to be the social currency - quite the opposite: Filesharing is one of the main pillars of web 2.0. Going for blockchain based file-storing/sharing can also considered to deliver a platform. I don´t see the contradiction here. I understand that it may have a lower priority, but that doesn´t lead to contradictions with the original plan to develop a platform for social nets.


As explained above, I don´t see why this is a different niche, but just another factor of integration into social networks. As a sidechain it would perfectly suit the aims that Reddcoin heads for.

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I guess what I am trying to say is that the core team continues to work on the services that lay the foundations of this coin. That is where the effort and energy should currently be focused. Further, there is a published roadmap that has been laid out and it would be frivolous to abandon or change direction at this point without a solid case. There is still a lot to do before the current work efforts can be called complete.

I will ask, did you take the opportunity to review the somewhat recent announcement on Reddit of the last 2 months and beyond? It is a good read and should give you an idea of the direction being sought.

I agree that there are exciting days ahead with blockchain technology, side chains etc, file-sharing has been well established even before Web 2.0 (gosh i am old enough to remember fetching files using Gopher. or downloading from a BBS. (Pls some say they remember doing this also not just hearing about it).

BTW, I like the idea of storj also and there is nothing wrong with proposing ideas like this and putting it out there, in fact it helps to expose different ideas and opinions and establish some healthy debate. Certainly the developers will chime in if they think there is merit, they are quite active in monitoring the chatter on the forum.


artiscience There is a versus…
You want to make changes to the block chain…and alllow Jstor…versus doing nothing and leaving it as… So right there you are missing my question…How does making this change benefit Reddcoin?
If I want an Mp3 to play…or a playlist I can do that all ready…so whats the benefit in changing the Block chain to allow this? Thats what I asked and you told me…theres no versus…Ok…fine…I dont think your idea provides any advantages for Reddcoin. If you can make a better argument for this to happen i guess this is your thread so have at it. File sharing is not what Reddcoin is about…making files difficult to control by placing them in the block chain may be a sexxy idea but its not really my idea of a core function

Why are you guys so angry? It was just a suggestion and suggestions should be welcome.
No one said that the core team is stopping the work to start a p2p network. Peace!


No anger here, I may have been a bit too curt though. I’m appreciative of new ideas like this and I do think it could work as a sidechain at some point. I just don’t think it’s something the devs would or should put time into currently.

I also think there may be some digital rights issues if people are getting paid for music they don’t own, although that whole subject is becoming more and more nebulous these days.

By the way, how does a coin implement sidechains? Is there a lot of maintenance for the core code or is it just a single change? Has any coin done it yet?


GrayPhoenix said:

Blockchain-based cloud storage is a cool idea, but it’s a totally different niche than the one Reddcoin is working to fill.

I think there is a use case for blockchain storage with Reddcoin. It already may be implemented to some degree with avatars in Redd-ID. That being said there are definitely bigger priorities reddcoin needs to tackle first.

Also why should our devs waste their time tackling those issues(sidechains,blockchain storage, ect) when we can build an economy, brand, and community and then implement those ideas once there relative conceptual issues have been sorted .



I already explained why I believe why it´s a merit by referring to a usecase. You don´t need to accept that, but your attitude is totally over the top. If someone makes a suggestion and the first thing that another person shouts back is “Go elsewhere!” this doesn´t really show any sort of debate culture. Having said this, I repeat, there is no versus between using Reddcoin to store files and using Reddcoin to tip other people if the functionality is integrated. Adding a functionality is obviously a change, but as this goes for EVERY change, I didn´t expect that there was the need to debate this.


You are talking about preferences - I didn´t. I wasn´t talking about WHEN to make the proposed change but about general potentials. I didn´t talk timeframes, I was just pushing out an idea. Getting caught in an argument that I didn´t make is not really a pleasant thing. And yes, I know the roadmap very well, I know the changes that have been made recently. I still don´t see why positive progress is a reason to stop dreaming.

Overall I am pretty astonished that we´re having this type of discussion. There is something wrong if proposals of change (without any “We should stop everything and work on this!”) are considered as criticism and talked down the way it has been done here.

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artiscience Your use case is weak and I personally see no benefit for Reddcoin.
Your idea might make sense for another coin so why not go talk to Bunnycoin or Dogecoin?
Messing with the blockchain to store files and thwart censorship is being debated in other forums so great now we have this thread. As for being ‘‘over the top’’…I have an opinion and a belly button.

ReddcoinRocks Not angry but we face enough challenges as it is without creating more just because we can. If I don’t see a benefit to the OP’s idea thats all it is. Other forums are discussing sidechain’s and using a blockchain to make censorship difficult by placing files and even twitter text messages in to the ledger…great…ideas…but like all ideas…execution and effort is key…forked coins are everywhere.
What does Reddcoin need? Not this…not yet anyway Maybe later.

No anger on my part honestly. I welcome any healthy debate on ideas that will strengthen and promote Reddcoin. Maybe I came across too strong, as there has been great development by the Reddcoin devs thus far, and i would like to see the fruits of that effort take off first. Especially getting a broader adoption from Joe public.

And now that I have had some sleep and some more time to think it through, artiscience puts out an interesting single use case with Storj, I can see some potential with the idea but i can also see some negative effect that could also result when i think of the broader implications. All angles should be explored as Storj is not just holding mp3’s but capable of storing any data. GrayPhoenix touched upon it as file sharing opens up a broader consideration of who should be paid for the data, IP’s (intellectual property) and copyright issues.

I appreciate music is expensive, hosting is expensive but i also believe the artist (or anyone who originated content for that matter) should also be duly compensated.

Having a forum, we should be able to debate openly. There is no intention on my part to shut down the conversation. I am curious to hear more from artiscience and how his idea and design could be applied.


Reddshift Yeah, and as I pointed out (extensively) in my last post I wasn´t talking priority. I have no problem with disagreement on the sense of such an endeavour, I have a problem with “Go elsewhere habit!”, particularly as you are not the one defining what has merit and was not - the community as a whole does. Why not go to Bunnycoin or Dogecoin? Probably for the same reasons you are into Reddcoin…

I see your argument, but actually it´s rather pro than contra. I am all in for recompensating artists and, you know, this is something we can do easily with cryptocurrencies. For instance check With grooveshark you don´t have to pay anything for listening to songs, you can also host your social playlist (without paying for it). Artists are NOT recomensated here. Jukebox means that users PAY for each song. This means also you can pay royalities to the artists.
Another (better) example is On Soundcloud the artists themselves upload their music so others can listen to them for free. Artists live on donation here. You can currently tip them, but it´s not even as simple as with Reddcoin´s browser wallet. If you want to use the artists music (e.g. in a video) has a royality-free program, however this is pretty expensive as the money doesn´t go directly to the artist (this means accountance is charged but also expenses of soundcloud and - of cours - soundclouds income). By decentralizing this type of platforms it´s possible to reach a fair distribution of costs.

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artiscience It is an interesting idea however I think there are implications beyond what can be fully described here. Your focus seems to be on the playback of music which is fine, but in creating the sidechain, the coins are now linked to all files that are placed in StorJ, not just mp3s. Further to this, it intrinsically links ReddCoin to StorJ. If i understand what i read they are still in a POC stage.
From your earlier postings it is not clear where the efforts would need to be placed. That is, what is the risk to the developers
For example, is the request to only implement the sidechain technology, and you will create the music platform? Or, are you suggesting that the ReddCoin developers need to create the entire music playback implementation?
As I have indicated in earlier posts, my personal belief is that this project needs to advance much further before bringing on new development. And while music is one aspect of social networking it will be the broader audience who will influence the projects direction.
While your request is not out of place, the effort to implement this would be non trivial.

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artiscience I like the idea of tipping users for their music. I don’t think it needs to be blockchain based. You could set something up like where you tip DJ’s based on their excellent song choice instead of Woots.


Gnasher No, I didn´t propose to relate RDD to StorJ, I proposed to do something comparable. I didn´t say that this would be trivial, I was just making a suggestion without timeframe or pressure. In general, I spent a lot of time to state what I DID NOT say, so excuse me for being not satisfied with the conversation.


Yeah, that would be bit different, but still an interesting use case. I like the idea of a kind of radio, where people can kinda “vote” with funds. If there are more people interested we could set up a team to work on this kind of projects. I am capable to do all types of graphic design and concept writing.

artiscience I am not sure why you are dismayed? You put forward an interesting idea and asked for feedback.
I took your opening point

I really like StorJ and I wondered if Reddcoin could implement StorJ functionality as a sidechain designed for one product only.

To mean literally that you wanted to consider a sidechain implementation with StorJ
Now you have clarified that point
I think your idea could probably be realised without developing an additional sidechain chain tech either by tipping as TheSciNerd mentioned, or by incorporating a payment processor. If you want the decentralised storage i would think StorJ could also be rolled into the mix as your storage container.

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