Strange Sync Issue

G’day to all…

I am having a an issue with this wallet and cannot figure out how can this be even possible. I am new to the wallet, so I do not have much experience.

I downloaded and installed the wallet… I applied a few fixes to speed up the initial sync, ie, download and unzip block files into the wallet directory on my PC… etc. Finally, I was able to get a green progress bar which shows 19 weeks behind… I have been trying to get the wallet to sync for the last 2 days without any success… It is stuck on 19 weeks. I shut down and started the application numerous times. I enabled UPNP in my router, I added exceptions for the application and port 45444 in my firewall, and even shut down the entire firewall for both private and public networks and still, that 19 weeks is still not moving.

Strangely, I have 8 outbound and 15 inbound connections. My network traffic is showing that I received over 300MB and sent over 170MB… I left it to sync overnight and it is still at 19 weeks behind. I even checked my internet usage and those numbers match (ie, downloads and uploads)…

Anyone had this kind of issue…?? Any suggestions would be appreciated. (Screenshots below)

Maybe there is something wrong with the blockchain files.
I’m going to upload the latest files now.
This will take a few minutes.

Cloodo Idk where you downloaded the blocks from, but I think it’s best to download the bootstrap file and follow those instructions, because blocks can be corrupt on the internet. My wallet synced in about 12 hours. Just download the reddcore wallet, unzip the bootstrap and add it to the appdata file. It might look like the wallet if frozen, but your computer will be running to catch up and it is working still. Just let it do its thing.

Awesome… Thank you Ballor… I will start from scratch with the new files and see what happens.

(Your names in my language means ‘I dance’ (Catalan) lol)

ball0r are you a mod or admin?

Thanks CoinChaos… I already have over 20,000 Reddcoins and have already sent them to this wallet… So, I am trying to avoid getting another wallet… But I will be downloading latest Block files which Ballor will upload shortly. May be that will work?

Cloodo you can use the same wallet. You just need the .dat backup and idk about downloading blocks from anyone. I always get my blocks from the wallet software.

CoinChaos - So, will this work…?

  • Backup wallet.dat
  • Uninstall
  • Download and install fresh wallet
  • Replace the wallet.dat

Is this how it’s done?.. (Sorry, Newbie here).

Cloodo yes.

Cloodo you will want to follow bootstrap instructions too.

CoinChaos - Cool, thanks… I will… And just to make sure… The wallet.dat backup can be done with a simple copy/paste or is there a backup process?

I already copied the file and dumped it on my desktop… I will move it into the new installation directory with a drag and drop… will that work? or is there an import process?


Okay, everything is ready.
Do as you like but if you want to try replacing blocks and chainstate folder you can download it here
Moving your wallet.dat back to that folder will be enough.
Just make sure you don’t delete it accidentally.

ball0r - Amazing… Thank you very much. And, don’t worry, I’m making 10 copies of the wallet.dat file before I uninstall… Don’t want to lose my $300 investment LOL.

I would consider making even more backups XD
It’s good to see you’re taking it serious.

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Ballor and CoinChaos - Thank you for your help.

Good news, finally… Wallet is up and running and even showing my balance.

Ballor - The files you uploaded are obviously up to date to the last minute, otherwise it would have had to sync for a bit… It didn’t sync at all, it just showed up with my balance - Does that mean that the files were up to date with all transactions on the block?

Cloodo yup, you are all caught up. now you just want to keep the wallet running so you keep up. also in 8 hours when your coins mature you can stake them.

Yeah, i’ve uploaded these files fresh from my full node which is always online and up to date.
The ransactions are saved in the blockchain and your wallet just grants you access to your Reddcoin.