Strategy To My Community on Redd Coin

My Strategy For Our Community on Redd Coin

Buy RDD coins. Especially now because after this month Dec 2017. In 2018 we will glance back at historical snapshot’s of 2017 on and you will say Wow! I wish I Invested with and helped grow Redd coin!.
Hodl. (patience my friends) Everytime you get irritated that Redd coin is not going up in value, don’t lose patience and go sell off 100,000 RDD. By doing that you are actually hurting yourself and the rest of us. Instead hold what you bought and (believe) have (patience) This coin is used for tipping on social media. Eventually people who blog or vlog etc… will stop sharing their content unless people start tipping to pay up and receive the content. Think about it. We all need to make a steady income and most would argue that most youtubers or social media users waste time uploading content, however to some it might not be a waste of time to them if they can now start getting crypto for them to launch their next video. It’s a Genius idea! I just want to point out a couple of things I observed. Our Redd coin logo has same colors as “google” logo. Can this mean anything? Coincidence? hint hint or maybe perhaps while other crypto currencies skyrocketed to the moon, Redd coin has remained solid and with Gains finishing off 2017. Just like the internet days when it was new to most of us, people became millionaires at that time while most of us missed the wave. In today’s day and age we are lucky to own crypto currency from Redd coin who will be on the very top because social media is the main reason we are all connected and creating opportunities on the internet. Don’t let go of a single Redd coin!
If you want our RDD coins to go up in value then we must not be greedy and start tipping everyone. 1 RDD which is under a cent will bring so many interest from the world wide web and guess what, our RDD coins will have a higher intrinsic value attached to its name because it can go viral, especially when that one teenager starts making a nice passive income by receiving Redd coins. Think about it we are Reddit + Twitter and possibly every other social media company and hopefully our petition with Steam and that’s only the infancy stage we are in at the moment 2017. If all jump on board and Redd ID Comes out. We are all locked and loaded! We will be taken respectably serious by everyone and not known as the “pump and dump” coin!
2018, we will start to see Redd coin go up in value, I encourage the community to continue holding. If you are trying to make a quick buck, shame on you. The passion and obsession should be for the project and technology the coin is offering to make our lives much easier and more valuable for our hard labor we put on social media and entertain and educate the whole world practically for free. Not anymore, or at least not anymore in the near future. When this catches on, and it will, as soon as we start tipping random high profiled people and anyone else in that nature we will gain power and respect from all the newbies who don’t have a clue what is going on while they are watching NBA or NFL or playing Call of duty or Minecraft. We, the Crypto People, the Redd coin community, we, are 1 step ahead! So how can we increase the value of our RDD coins? Hodl them + Tip strangers and leave comment explaining RDD coin + Create your own social media content to promote this coin. They’re all going to start pouring in into the masses, so why not… might as well start telling the message to them now!
Instead of putting 8 hours a day refreshing just spend 1 hour re-sharing this content you’re reading or re-tweet it or just spread the word every where you go. Now finally since you aren’t obsessing about RDD coin’s price every minute of your day and night, check back after 1 year since you made your investment and added RDD coin to your portfolio, listen to me, check back…1 year later, RDD coin will pay us all back, why? Because we the people of digital currency (Did It!)
Never sell what you own of RDD coin. You pretty much signed your name when you bought 1 single RDD coin to your name. Don’t fumble. Hodl!

Any other suggestions or ideas? Please share!
Happy Holidays Fam!

Wow, that is an inspiring blog right there! Thanks for sharing. I have been blogging a bit on steemit, but it is a strange place and I don’t really like it that much. Can you really quick explain what is different with the reddcoin community?
Thanks :smiley:

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I truly appreciate it cryptonut! If you’re seeking a true answer to your question, I would gladly answer on my behalf since the words I type represent my community at this very moment in the early stages of crypto. With that said, we are the blood supply for every person who has a heart. Redd coin, I believe has some of the most awakened and intelligent people who know they’re in the right crypto community. For some reason I feel like I belong to Google and all the other social medias on the world wide web and I sense so many deals to be signed with Redd coin. Moreover, Redd coin developers and our community platform are very well confident about Redd-Id which will be a game changer very soon as the announcement was released last night stage 1 completed! One last thing about this community or at least an example to this community was going to be my next intention which was to tip you for leaving a kind comment, but you dont have a tip address mate. That’s the diference with the redd coin community. I hope my actions were stronger than my words!
Happy Holidays Fam!

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Ha, wow thanks! I just put in my wallet adress, I realized before that I didn’t add it… Anyways, thanks for the quick answer. I am in the crypto space since half a year, and my god it was a trip. I nearly forgot what sleep and food was. Down the rabbit hole. Is there a link to where I can read about the Redd-Id? Seems to be a big thing.
I am currently living in Guatemala and we are about to build an ecosystem, that helps the poor indigenous people here. Poverty is so insane, that a woman was happy I gave her 7 cents per orange she had growing in her backyard. She didn’t have anything, her sister was sick, worms in her heart. We, a doctor and friends, helped her. I also am in contact with a guy here who has some real understanding of how noutrition, crops and our health are connected. So we are planning to set something up, that enables him to share his knowledge in a secure, open way, so that the poor can learn new ways of growing food, heal their illnesses and farmers can educate themselves. Basically, we want to set up an ecosystem, where ideas can grow to projects, that get funded and can make the world a better place. People donate ideas or money, and in return can gain coins to buy products that are created through these projects and the research.

Its amazing what you and others will be doing in the years to come! Here is a link for more about Redd-Id