Subject: encrypting reddcoin wallet - lose balance


I would like to be as safe as possible with my reddcoins. Therefore I would like to encrypt my wallet.

I’ve read on multiple forums that people lost their balance after they encrypted their reddcoin wallet. Is this still an issue?

Second, can minting continu when I encrypt my reddcoin wallet?

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Joeri Zwart

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Whats up man you could setup a droplet using and then SSH key encrypt it with the added bonus of a firewall they offer to customers , this way you don’t need a running laptop to stake as the Cloud OS does all the work!

What you could do is to generate a new wallet and save it offline on a stick which you keep safe. Then you encrypt the wallet. Hence you have one encrypted wallet for usage, and one non-encrypted one for backup.

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But… if you want to stake the coins you need to have the all the coins in the wallet to be able to stake them…
So… I don’t understand how it works to have two wallets?
Can I have the wallet staking all the coins and encrypted?


cryptoup you can encrypt your wallet for staking.
When you start your wallet, you need to unlock for staking (option in the menu)

hi i have an issue on most recent wallet which is synced with matured rdd. I have no unlock button in menu. i understand this is because i must encrypt wallet first. This however is impossible as on menu the ok button is greyed out preventing me proceeding. I am therefore at a stale mate to stake. any assist appreciated given my undertstanding that there is no formal RDD support other than forums. cheers staking newb

As for me, it is a real problem, especially if you have just only begun work with it. And the good way to avoid such losses is using special tools like . It will help you not only take all your income at the necessary wallet without such situation. But it will increase your profit also.