Survey to see your awareness of a unique trading game.

Hey reddcoin users I am a representative for an exciting crypto game writing this post to see what your Awareness/ Perception of would be.

Also Cryptocollider would like to know if there is something that you do not fully understand or have questions not covered in the FAQ. We wish to improve and have a better understanding what can possibly make this easier to understand for users like you.

We would love to know what you all currently think of our unique Crypto game, and to help us better understand where improvement is needed. We do believe that you the user, define how we can be better.

Another thing that is important for us to share; if there is a Developer and/or community leader of reddcoin that would be interested in a cross promotion, we are having monthly tournaments and hope to create teams and sponsored players for each coin type.

We will also be doing promotions of your team on different forums as well to help with awareness around your coin. Each tournament will have a prize-pool and videos made to show the game and the winners that we and each team can use to create publicity and support for the next tournament to be larger.

We wish to make this unique game reach its potential and be the first team vs team, coin vs. coin e-sport in the crypto currency space. We can help co-fund / sponsor your team and promote all coins/brands involved to a wider audience. This can help create awareness and visibility for your coin while also providing extra utility and liquidity.

With all this said, I thank you For your time, and If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to write it down here or on our official facebook support group: and we will respond shortly.

hey i took a look at crypto colider and it looks very unique and awesome.
the only bad thing is that there isnt a free mode just playing for fun to try it out.
would be cool if there is a free mode

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mdngt said in Survey to see your awareness of a unique trading game.:

hey i took a look at crypto colider and it looks very unique and awesome.
the only bad thing is that there isnt a free mode just playing for fun to try it out.
would be cool if there is a free mode

Thanks you mdngt I will forward this to the CEO, so he can read it. feel free to follow our fb group if this was to come in reality. But it is a good idea. we will add this to the list of improvements.

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mdngt admin thanks you for your fair comment, he said that practice arena is on the list, and may put it as a priority, just know we have many other improvement to do, and we are a small team doig things benevolently, just like here with this awesome admin team, and community. SO we thank you for your opinions.

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Reddcoin seems to get a good coverage on this platform.
Would like to know more, and how they see the promotional side working to benefit both sides

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Gnasher No problem, I shall inform the admin of this. He will be very pleased with that awsner, I will inform you when I got the info.

Gnasher Here is what Clint Jones (admin) said to your question:

Thanks for the interest, Reddcoin has been really popular with our players and even our most played coin over entire history. There’s a lot of Redd bouncing around in there :slight_smile:

Collider is designed to bring more exposure, users, utility and liquidity/trading to all coins supported; and while only in small scale we can definitely see this happening already. It does this by spreading and mixing players coins between each other as a result of game play (game based trading).

This also provides players benefits of a fun exciting game, hedged playing holdings over time and an opportunity for immediate profits if they are skilled enough. Each coin has slightly different physical properties that give it unique game behaviour, and this can also be motivator for players to buy and play with certain coin types.

Benefits for the coins themselves and their brands are multi-faceted and potentially quite significant as players grow. To explain with more detail, for example each time a player makes a throw with Reddcoin…

A. its logo gets screen time as its in arena, then…B. if its lost its just really getting spread around to other players (who might not have held any before), then…
B1. the player either becomes a new Reddcoin holder/user or…
B2. the player plays it into the game again, return to A, or…
B3. it gets converted to another coin (which creates a little more liquidity/trading volume) or…
C. if it goes into the UP hole it is returned and additionally wins/collects other coins that will then (if its Reddcoin supporting/sponsored player) be converted to reddcoin which
C1. creates buy pressure trade volume
C2. gives the reddcoin player more power to play more & larger and get more attention/screen time next games
C3. reflects positively on the brand
C4. provides marketing material to use in publicity One more win-win for everyone is the running of Tournaments. They amplify all benefits above and provide all teams/players/coins and Collider itself with material and funding for publicity to promote the next Tournament. We can make great use of all our market strengths through combined focus on an entertaining competition and platform that promotes us all.

And also he is from Australia, near Perth, if You wish to meet him some day, or have a more direct approach to work together.

Thanks Reddcoinnoob
And he is from the land down under… much more accessible

Certainly agree with with his comments, that exposure and sharing will help to drive adoption. And in the crypto space, we should be supporting each other to win the big fight.

Would love to catch up with him to discuss further

Gnasher Would you like him to reach out to you on Facebook?

Reddcoinnoob sure, pass my details to him

Gnasher alrigth, will do