Sweeping paper wallet without QT


Is there any way to sweep paper wallet without QT?

I cannot install the QT to my work computer with Windows because it is considered a virus and the setting to swich off antivirus is disabled.
I cannot sync the whole blockchain with my mac at home because I do not have a proper internet and it will probably take two month both due to speed and limit of data to be used.
Both same things with the social wallet.

I tried the electrum wallet but it does not work. The browser wallet is taken off from chrome extentions store.

So is there any other way? Any online wallet or exchange that lets to sweep paper wallets or add private keys?

vesipyks You get a cloud hosted Windows or Linux virtual server that would have better internet connectivity, sync the blockchain, remote access from your slow connection at home. Some cloud hosting providers offer 30-day free trails which is plenty of time to get the host setup, synced, your paper wallet loaded and funds moved to where ever. Or you could bootstrap most of the blockchain sync per https://www.reddcointalk.org/topic/606/updated-bootstrap