Syncing my Reddcoin Wallet- But not enough Place / Extern Harddisk?


i love this reddcointalk and i love the news about the new partnership.

I nedd help with my redcoin wallet. It is syncing with the network and therefore it needs 20GB to download the copy of the Blockchain. It shows me an error which say that it isnt much place to save it on my notebook.

My Question is, can i download the copy of the Blockchain to an extern hard disk? Will that solve the problem?

i appreciate any help

Thank you!

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You’re looking for the Bootstrap file I believe.

You are the second one here saying, the blockchain will take 20GB - that’s strange.
On my system it is just 3,5GB.

But I think I can help you.
I haven’t tried that myself so if you already have some Reddcoin on your wallet make a backup of your wallet.dat! This is really important!

  • close Reddcoin core wallet
  • Press windows key + R
  • type %appdata% and press enter
  • There is a folder named Reddcoin (in there is your wallet.dat for backup!)
  • copy it to your external drive
  • rename the old folder as you like
  • start Reddcoin core wallet again
  • it will ask for a path to store the blockchain data
  • specify the path to the Reddcoin folder on your external drive

If you are done and everything works fine, you can delete the old folder.