Syncing my wallet

I bought some Reddcoins two weeks ago. First I downloaded the wallet and then I bought them on Litebit and sent them to the Reddcoin wallet. I did this before the wallet was synced, After a bootstrap I let the wallet sync for two nights, but I can’t see any progress. There are connections, but it looks like they are not working.

A few questions:

  • Can I loose my Reddcoin? I bought them, send them to the right address but never saw them.
  • Can I see my Reddcoin on another place than the slow syncing wallet?

And the most important question: how on earth can I sync my wallet before it’s 2019? :wink:

Thanks in advance!

dennisvandeven I will have a walk outside with my gf and when back answer you this in detail. Don’t worry. But whatever you do dont remove the wallet.dat file. If you dont touch this file your redd will be safe.

ok, change of plans so I can answer you right away

  1. You can not loosse your reddcoins as long as you do not remove the wallet.dat file.
  2. You can see your reddcoin by going to the reddcoin block explorer: Just fill in the receiving address of your wallet you used to receive the reddcoins.
  3. Follow the following steps: First close your reddcoin wallet. Then go to c:\user\yourcomputername\appdata\roaming Open the reddcoin map and remove everything except the wallet.dat (DO NOT REMOVE THE WALLET.DAT OR YOU LOOSSE YOUR REDDCOINS FOREVER) Open you reddcoin wallet again. The syncing will restart all over again but will most likely does not get stuck again.

how long importing .dat for new wallet ?.. I can’t see progress run…

krizzzle thank you.

First of all: I’m very happy that I managed to see my Reddcoin via :slight_smile: I would like to try the steps you posted, but I’m on a Mac. Do you have the folder I have to search for on a Mac?

Thanks again! cek it

oh, I only know how it works on windows since I would not even know who to use a mac. Happy my post was still kind of useful though. Maybe someone else knows about how to do this on a mac?

I got the same problem, but I can’t find the Reddcoin folder when going to appdata\roaming. I can start up the wallet but it isn’t syncing anymore (stuck at 1 yr 48wks). Can anyone help me find this folder or how I get to my wallet.dat file?

I’m having the same problem. mine is at 3 years and 42 weeks behind. it says its synchronizing with network and it has 8 active connections. nothing is happening and when i try to click on file or settings it says its not responding.

I thought this wallet was supposed to sync quickly?? I’ve been running mine for 4 days straight now still got 2 years 32 weeks… Mr Redd better get this problem sorted quick… We have a lot of new members arriving to the family every day, lets try and keep things smooth

Why is that problem occur, why people complain?
Should I download and install Reddcoin wallet or not?

Try download the wallet, install and see… it may just be my computer, theirs not a great deal of people complaining so my guess is a lot of others have it working…

Has anyone else here had the same problem, where the wallet is taking forever to sync? Please someone tell me is this normal or is there something I haven’t done? (running the latest win64 version)

PasCarbs This is normal indeed. The first time it takes long. Your wallet is downloading all the transactions ever made to see if there are any transactions from you and to add the security of the network. Once it is synced it will keep

wishxy It is save to download

PasCarbs How is it now?

ToiletBanana Is your wallet still at 1yr and 48 weeks? Or less now that it is 6 hours ago?

Hi and thank you for the reply… its comforting to know this is normal for first time use…

and Yes the counter is going down… just really wasn’t sure if this was normal or not, taking so long… I understand the delay now and will be patient… :slight_smile:

Thank you again for replying :)) I’d tip you but I’m not setup yet :confused:

krizzzle can you tell me how …what iis number on last index .ldb file … I still importing dat file but never done yet…

krizzzle I got it up and running again, only thing is that it freezes constantly and I have to keep on restarting the Reddcoin wallet. It’s now at 1 yr and 8 weeks… getting closer and closer… Is there any way to prevent the wallet from freezing all the time?

i got same condition after done importing dat file… now going to 1 year 19 week…