Syncing Wallet v2 for new users is nightmare

Hi. so i am new to reddcoin and its frustrating to get wallet working. Bootstraping, to be honest, is shit. It just got stuck at some block 2y and 12weeks back. Now trying it again.
Maybe there is a snapshot of blockchain somewhere to download like most other coins have?

Hi LithStud, sorry to hear you are having problem getting wallet working.

The wallet, should sync, at times it can look like it is stuck, but it will kick off again.
If you are worried about the hung state, you can restart the wallet, and it should resume where it was up to,

If you prefer the bootstrap method:
There is a recent bootstrap file available for download

It sounds like you are familiar with the bootstrap process.

If you have any problems, please let me know, I am more than happy to assist

Gnasher thats the problem the bootstrap get stuck (if it gets stuck again i will try without bootstrap). There is bootstrap (still needs confirmations from network but faster than synching from 0) and then there is snapshot (complete blockchain you just sync what is new after its been uploaded, much faster than bootstrap but is bigger download size). So unless your linked bootstrap is similar to snapshot i defined here it wont change whats happening for me.

LithStud if by snapshot you mean taking a copy of the ./blocks directory.
Your right this is a faster method, (and i use it myself for my local copies). But we dont provide it as a matter of principle ( I am not sure what other chains do supply this - I am interested to know which)

The problem with this approach is, the network does not verify the blocks as they are loaded on your client…
This is a pretty dangerous situation, if the source has been compromised.
A malicious actor could inject tainted blocks, and your client would not be confirming that

At least with the bootstrap method, as each block is loaded, it is also validated to the rest of the network.
Yes, it is slower, but it is much safer.

If the block loading is truly stuck, I would like to see the output from your log file (debug.log) to ascertain exactly what is the real issue.

Also, does it get stuck on the same block, or it is different

Gnasher this is one fairly trusted for some coins, but in most cases (BURST, NXT from top of my head) there is a link from developers (so unless you download it from some unknown source its perfectly safe).

As for syncing, so far seems to be going (as i said started anew from scratch) and i do hope it will go all the way (at the moment 1y 46w behind after 6hours importing).

LithStud ok, link makes sense.
I would think that user have realised running a wallet actually takes some effort :slight_smile:

Depending on your requirements, we are also working on relaunching our Electrum wallet
These are light weight wallets, which dont require the entire blockchain download
Trade off… they dont stake

Gnasher well i am using wallet for staking :slight_smile: so lightweight clients sadly isnt an option :slight_smile:
and i do understand that it takes effort, but sometimes it really get on your nerves when something goes wrong and its not your fault :slight_smile:

LithStud I get it…

Stake on.
Glad to have you aboard

Gnasher mostly its an experiment for me with staking coins. Have small amount of RDD (~13k) on exchange so thought its as good time to try this as any :slight_smile:

LithStud cool.
13K wont get you staking very often.

But, lets try and work on growing your holdings…

The whole design here is to grow and encourage good content, and reward

Gnasher well i have yet to understand how it works, how to calculate what i will get and so on :slight_smile: so even if it is small its good for now. If i like how it goes maybe buy some more :slight_smile: and see how i could use them.

LithStud If you have any questions, feel free to ask

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Gnasher i probably will have once i get wallet working, for now i just read forums :slight_smile:

Gnasher gotto hand it to you John, no one is left behind with you. Hats off my friend.


altcoinbonanza Everyone is important

I thought I had this same issue. I’ve got a Windows 10 machine (it’s way OP) and just loaded the blocks from the network. It looked as though it was frozen/stuck/hung just about where you said. I let it run for the rest of the day and it eventually updated the UI to show that progress had been made. I then created an Ubuntu VM from VirtualBox, compiled the code and started reddcoin-qt. It did the same thing, where it appeared to hang, except the block download was about 6 hours for the whole thing versus about 2 days on the Windows machine. Granted, I occasionally bring my OP Machine to work because it’s much faster at running certain resource intensive programs that I’ve written and the speed differences between work and home are about 8 times faster at work, which was where I compiled and ran the Ubuntu version.

yeah i think more people would use reddcoins when it wouldnt be so hard to use a wallet (its the only one you can use)

mdngt I do agree…
Running a full node (just like many other coins) needs a certain level of commitment.
As a note, i have been using the electrum wallet personally as a second wallet for testing.
The plan is to make electrum wallet more broadly acceptable