Taking Reddcoin To The Next Level?

We all know of the recent rise in the price of Reddcoin. For all the uninformed people out there, here is the link from Reddit of their team from 3 months ago.


With the recent rise in Reddcoin price, I am sure John Nash has made millions from the coin. I personally have no contact to John Nash or anyone on the team but with this recent rise in the coin, there is enough money now to get new or more people on board and turn this into a bigger and better thing.
Communication is very important to everyone here. People want to see what is going on more often or they will leave and move on to another coin. The Reddcoin community is trying to get everyone involved and talking it up. There are petitions to sign to get involved with other companies which is great but we need a better Pr team that not just answers a question now and then on Twitter but actually updates the Reddcoin website on a regular basis and lets everyone know a little more of what is going on and why we should remain loyal to the Reddcoin Community. I am not asking them to disclose any secret information they do not want anyone to see but give us a sense of security about the future of this company. From what I understand there are over 80,000 followers on Twitter alone. The community is growing every day. With so many followers the potential could be huge for this company if set up right to make mega millions.
I am long on Reddcoin and the only advice I would give them is, Reddcoin, Do Not Drop The Ball!