Teaching Reddcoin *Test*Post

Reddcoin has the ability to become the ‘‘entry level’’ crypto currency, if we can produce a program that explains effectively Reddcoin to the average 12 year old then we are probably going moving in the right direction, Removing the mystery and producing simple clear statements that aim to reduce the technospeak to a minimum and transfer the essential core concepts and knowledge in an accessible manner. Reddcoin for Dummie’s is probably being written as we speak.
Complexity is a barrier to wider adoption…and ALL Crypto Currencies face this issue, Block Chain, Wallets, Back Ups, Transaction Verification its a pile of technical stuff.
Truly advanced technology has the ability to appear ridiculously simple and Reddcoin is actually moving in the right direction. How do I know? Because I took 3 people who had never heard of Reddcoin and explained the idea to them had one person download a wallet and then transferred some coins. The next day all 3 of them had their own wallets and they were actively staking.
They did not know about Reddcoin but understood the value of having a coin that crosses all social networks. The fun has been dropping in every day and seeing their laptop staking right on the counter of the coffee shop I stop in every morning. Hande, Ismail & Gurel are now part of the Reddcoin network.
I have given them an over view of my own personal 5 year plan in an attempt to manage their expectations and I am actually going to take a picture in the morning of REDDCOIN in the WILD
East London Coffee Shop ‘‘By the Bridge Cafe’’ and post it here.

We want to start raising some awareness about the currency first. Word of Mouth as you had done with your friends. I’m saving for mine since the majority doesn’t really know much about internet and payments.

Donations are what moves them. These digital money is better than likes.
People don’t get rich but you certainly can have an extra income from your website.

We appreciate your help in everyway. I want to start some infographics but need some help with text…

Meanwhile… Let’s see those pictures.

heheh :smiley: