Temporary dramatic reduction of tipping due to switch to reddcointalk

Reddcointalk has many other good things going for it and is a great development overall.

The one thing that is unforutnate, and worst aspect of switching to reddcointalk, is that tipping amongst ourselves has dramatically declined. That is because reddcointalk offers no tipbot, and the browser wallet doesn’t really work reliably yet, so it is hard to tip. For a currency all about social tipping, loss of tipping amongst ourselves is a serious problem, albeit hopefully only a very short term one.

Maybe its simply less visible?


Not really a loss of tipping so much as people realized we were just tipping around like flailing fish for quite a while there and not for good purposes. I think of it more as honing tips down to what they should be used for, rather than just tipping everyone who comments half a penny for no reason. That does not accomplish anything. When someone releases a service or provides excellent info, I’d much rather tip 50k RDD to someone towards a fund, service, or excellent information that haphazardly throw around 100, 200, 500 coins for no particular reason. I can say in 2014 I tipped away several million RDD and maybe 10% was for a good cause.

I think the tip drop off shows how important the public notifications can be. Not going to lie, its not completely horrible when you tip someone 100krdd and you get a public verification.

amphibious Yes, I feel the same.

In addition to certain infrastructure has been ready yet, one of the difficulties I found is to use my phone to tip while reading posts. On reddit, it’s easy because only a pure text command is needed to invoke the tipbot to tip. I am not sure when the browser wallet is ready, whether or not the Chrome extension works on mobile devices, too. Or laudney has some other design in mind for this scenario… That I don’t know.

ycz For mobiles, we definitely need native clients. This is a topic we’ll touch on many times in the near future.

laudney Thanks a lot for the reply! Nice to hear that. I guess I was too busy recently and missed a lot of important discussion and development. :frowning:

laudney While we are on this subject, another thing that artiscience mentioned is the tipping visibility. On reddit, people can see tipping here and there. I believe such information greatly promotes the overall tipping activity. But even everything works smoothly here, there won’t be similar information available on the forum, right? (Or it’s another thing/plan that I missed?)

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I’ve been wanting to tip a lot of people with their sig tip buttons, but the browser wallet just doesn’t work for me right now :confused: It always says “Transaction is being broadcast” but nothing happens. No transactions actually occur. The people I really want to tip, I will copy their address (if they put it in their sig) then send it via Reddcoin Wallet, but I’m wondering if it might be too much work for other people to do the same. I do agree tipping visibility would greatly help too.


RDDRocket You make a good point. Once Social X is released we should start approaching content creators about accepting Reddcoin. They have the most to gain and I’m sure the community will tip early adopters generously.

But we should also remember that many people get involved with Reddcoin because someone sends them a small tip on reddit or another social network. It doesn’t hurt to give out a few RDD here and there just to introduce people to the currency and help them get started.

Agreed. I more or less meant just doing the things like tipping the first 10 people to answer a post, and things along those lines. I do agree that tipping someone $1-2 worth of RDD is a good starter package.

RDDRocket Personally I think that giveaways, contests, and random tips still have a place - especially at this stage of development. They shouldn’t be the main focus, but they do create a little extra fun and excitement. I can see where you’re coming from though. This is a good discussion to have.

First I should say that I usually wont tip anything less than 100k redd, and have several times tipped 1 million rdd. I dont want to insult anyone or send them a tip for 20 cents worth and immediately turn them off of reddcoin.

I have tipped 20k rdd and 200ish rdd a few times, because thats just what I happened to have on reddit or the browser wallet.

I know its supposed to be the thought that counts, but honestly small amounts just come across as spammy. $2-$30 has really gained me a few positive results in the past. $5 worth of rdd as a tip is probably the sweet spot.

Cryptsy recently made it so where you can double click on someones chat name and view their tradekey, which then allows you to send them any coin basically without going through the block chain (Remains In house/User to User).

Someone recently sent me 1 centcoin, and although society tells me I should appreciate this, all I kept thinking was “Great, now I going to see this balance of a coin I didnt even ask for, unless I sell it” Im not sure 1 centcoin is even enough to sell, as I havent checked what cryptsy’s min is to trade that coin.

It came across as spammy, and even though that might make me look unappreciative to some, its the truth. so…

My advice to anyone tipping: New users should be tipped enough to peak their interest. I already know about reddcoin and how to use it, so I dont mind getting no tips or 200rdd tips.

Tipping should be thought of (when tipping new people) as a form of introducing them to reddcoin. In an amount that justifies them looking into it, downloading the wallet, learning how to use it etc.

Tipping is just the introduction, once its easy enough for noobs to use, we will start seeing a transition to actual purchases and transactions with it. Things for sale, for reddcoin. etc. The problem with some coins is that they have never transitioned from tipping, they cant because they have never aspired becoming almost dead easy to use.

This is the type of thinking that separates reddcoin from most alts. Most of understand tipping is just supposed to be the beginning, not the end goal.

Sending 1 RDD your way ! xD