Thank you !

Hello all,

I would like to take the time to thank everyone on the team for the work they are doing voluntarily.
As the community lately expanded to welcome new members, some of them decided to get involved seriously and in the continuity.
Them too I would like to thank for stepping up and help Reddcoin, make progress.

As many of you have pointed out, Core Team is developping and now doing marketing. Well, thanks to the new members I will shortly present to you, we do have now a team of marketeers looking into promoting Reddcoin on the internet. The ideas and efforts that currently take place will help us gain some momentum and expand Reddcoin reach to a new level (many new levels in fact :-P)

So without further due, here is 2017 Core Team and Inner Circle members (pseudo are from the channel):

Core Team:
Lead Developper and Vision Guardian : John Nash gnasher
Main support Developper and Decentralization Guardian : Henry Young henry
Mobile Wallet Developpers : Andy Cresswell andy, Bradley Ploof bmp02050
Reddheads Chief Editor : Stuart reddibrek
Community and Team Management : Eric Wursteisen, deadpool

InnerCircle Members:
Slack ReddBot Developper: Samuel Gosling gozzy
Developpers and Graphists: Chris bigmapidea, lionzeye , James james89
Marketing & Communication : Ryan Colditz coldie, Jason Brink bitbender, Joon Lee scrypto, holdingfromdiscord and recently Mendie Leelin m3ndi3

We have also strong and reliable helpers such as dragonfrugal, pascal_furrer, testermctestington and wit_suma.

To all of you, thank you for helping Reddcoin going to the next level !

We have been building a great Marketing team and are always looking for others to join. There is a so much need for brand ambassadors to share what RDD is about not only in crypto-world, but also to content creators and other service workers who would benefit from decentralized tipping.

Here is to a great Q3/Q4 and growth of Reddcoin for the good of all.


Still much more to come, cheers for having me on board!

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I have a target marketing company. would love to spread the word about REDD

So how do I join the team?