Thanks to Didi for the current Bootstrap!

Today turned out to be the day my OEM 256 SSD drive failed so its a disaster recovery special.
Fortunately I have a new drive installed now 500GB instead because why not and my back up was current so its Bootstrap and back to business

Glad you found it useful! :slight_smile: I need to update it soon though.

And sorry to hear about the SSD… fortunately they are affordable for the most part, unlike just 5 years ago.


Its the little things that help the most
Thx Didi


Thanks… i really don’t follow BTC anymore other than the ocasional article and the Reddheads newsletters… i’m quite out of the loop actually. But it’s hard to let go from such a great community so whenever i feel like i need a crypto fix i feel right at home in here. :slight_smile: Why would i look elsewhere anyway.

And whenever i feel that my personal projects could benefit RDD in any way, why not share? I’m currently working on a completely autonomous server (solar power and 3G connectivity - the easy way) so hosting a full reddcoin node in there (and sharing the how-to) is only natural.

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