The calculators seem broken, so how much RDD can I mine with ~210Kh/s?

I’ve been looking into smaller altcoins after getting an AMD graphics card, and I decided to pick up Reddcoin. It’s not done syncing yet, but I was planning to do a bit of GPU mining. I don’t expect any money, but will I get around 1¢ a fortnight with 210Kh/s?

Also, if I stick around, hello everyone!

thedovahkiin909 reddcoin is not PoW, it is PoSV. Meaning you can not mine them. You could mine another coin and trade for reddcoin though.

Well, that sucks! Thanks so much for the quick reply, now I know that for the future.

You can always mine other coins then trade them for reddcoins which you can always have staking :smiley: Some miner/posv inception haha