The Cryptocurrency That Dare Not Speak Its Name -> US

News here:

It is important to understand that this system only relies on banks to survive. Unfortunatly the real meaning of cryptocurrency can be used to very derivations… because yes it uses cryptography, but decentralization is not part of their concept.

“Cryptocurrency” banks only… :frowning:

Reddcoin continues without any niche competition at least publicly known… though. :smiley:

Oliver am going to read this later! Thanks for posting the link!

One such transfer vehicle, which goes unnamed in the paper, “was not considered a sufficiently mature technology at this time, but was identified for further exploration and monitoring given significant interest in the marketplace,” the Fed said. Of the hundreds of cryptocurrencies that have sprouted up in the last few years, we’re pretty sure the Fed is not referring to HoboNickels or PhilosopherStone.

You know they are talking about Doge…lol

Reddshift I haven’t tough about doge simply because they talk about technology not community.

They see what coins are doing just to copy some concepts. If I was the government I would do that. Unfortunatly has been always like this.

Is wait to see how people embrace each coin and and put banks stabilizing the one more stake they have. Unfortunately this is the reason why NY wants in on the BigOne…

FYI The coin that goes unnamed is Ripple or Etherium. Banks them selves are payment gateways and this unspoken coin is one of these two.

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FaithInReddcoin If it is ripple then is no news, they already have banking partners.

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FaithInReddcoin Thanks for clearing that up…I guess I know what to avoid now Etherium and Ripple

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