The great Reddcoin crash begins..

I’ll buy at 0.000500

Good luck!

Keep calm and buy Reddcoin :smiley:

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Fruchocs : Your personal salvation seems to be depending on seeing the coin fail. Don’t know where you think you see a crash. You’re starting to look silly with your pointless and desperate posts. Besides that: The coin’s price is not what matters, it’s the usage. There will be a healthy growth with the ideas and developments around it. Supported by the community. That basically means: Not you.

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Actually its strange that RDD still keeps the same price as before big 1st October announcement.

May be the price keeps the same cuz the expectation generated by the promise of release… this makes me think there are less common users and more trade whales that are keep on buying at a cheaper price…

come to the Krosscoin community. My team had a total of 9 million RDD…good we cashed out in profit. Krosscoin already has a working product in beta.

Reddaro : Bad style to fish here for your stuff. Come up with an own forum.


Anybody figure out how to mine reddcoin or do you have to do the staking to earn coin. I have no coins yet.

XxxCRYPTOxxX you need to stake with coins. So for you, step one buy some coins,

Place in wallet,
Encrypt your wallet
Lock your wallet and leave it to stake