The Price is through the roof

The price just reached the maximum it has ever got
can anyone explain why such an increase when Bitcoin and others are taking a hit.

Because people are buying into alternative coins more than bitcoin

Where can I purchase reddcoin?

Incorrect. Reddcoin once got to over 115Sats

The sudden explosive growth. Maybe it can grow like digibyte and other alt coins that suddenly grew many times that reaps many folds of profit for those who hold reddcoin.

Drewster3000 Fiat wise it is at the highest point

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It grew this fast because of underlying news of the new partnership. I know who but I feel like playing a game. The first one telling me which partnership gets a reddcoin from me. Make sure that you have your tipping address set up ^^


krizzzle LWF! Woohoo!




Social Voltron!

None other then “Local World Forwarders”

Its 160+ sat right now :smiley: go go redd :smiley:

We went from $300,000,000 in the pool to now $823,408,647 AUD, since Mr McAfee posted (according to ).

Nearly everything else is floating down!!!

Check out my post why this has most probably happened today:

Dont be shy you earn it back RekaaPkfyVQPxoqE4Hz4SgqeoVgcqcNQMn

so whats a realistic price were looking at?

gotta wonder if Reddcoin is a legit operation & coin…implosion all of a sudden big time 50% drop…whose pumping and dumping…doing heavy PR and then pulling the rug out ? There wallets are archaic and need serious damage control and upgrades…they left it to the customers to figure it all out… they got a good presentation regarding social media coin but don’t see anything going on with it… could be scam coin…and the guys behind the curtain just pulled millions off the table… maybe their hard work bullshitting on Twitter & Reddit paid off…not bad for about 2 weeks work drumming it all up and then BAM… just implodes… within 3 - 5 hrs…

Redd3030 Relax my fellow Reddhead… do your research into the background of the company… Like how long they’ve been operating and who they have involved in the project. We had a sudden drop yes… But hang tight because in the new year the Reddcoin id will be released and the price is expected to rise to well over a dollar.

Its holiday session people are spending money and looking for quick gains… Just take a good look across the board. If anyone is behind the these big ups and downs I’d say its the big banks trying to protect there money before they go down. Don’t worry the price might drop for a short while… SIT TIGHT AND HOLD!! It will certainly be reinvested and go back up.

The potential of this coin is way bigger then Bitcoin, Etherium, Bitgold combined. With transactions almost instant at any amount and the price per transaction almost Zero.

This isn’t just a currency my friend this is an enterprise!!!

I posted this in other discussion sections too.

You can buy reddcoin through it’s the easiest way. they have many coins they accept as exchange currency. They have a big list of coins.

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Buy up BIG NOW!!! jump at the opportunity… It will never be this price again!!!