The problem of staking in the event of mainstream adoption.

First off i understand that as things stand this is the least of the concerns but anyway i though i’t post away.

My concern is about scalability. The amount of TX/s that the network can handle is determined by block size so this should not be a problem (as per my limited knowledge, please correct me if i’m wrong) as the network grows. Instead, it’s about the number of “allocated staking timeslots” (i.e. blocks). At 1 block per minute there’s roughly 520k blocks/year, so ALL things being equal, and with 10MM regular users (stakers), the average waiting time for a stake reward would be 20 years (!). PoSV 2.0 will make a very needed readjustment so only the active stakers get the interest rewards (if i understood it correctly), so that should lessen the issue a bit but i think that it will still be impossible for small holders to ever stake (a side-effect of the non-linear coinage in PoSV, ironically) with a userbase of 10MM - very far from global adoption in the first place.

(A crapcoin i won’t name and hasn’t even launched yet promises monthly payouts regardless of your holdings “to reward smaller holders” but for the life of it i can’t find how are they planning to do that. Also, they promise a lifetime supply of Moons.)

So what realistical options would there be, besides staking pools?