The risk of keeping coins on a website

Just a reminder not to keep to many coins on websites. The possibility of a hack is always there, as we saw recently with the bitstamp theft. Sites that host crypto wallets, especially exchanges, have been targeted by hackers for awhile now. I hear all the time about crypto sites getting hacked and they all deal with them as they come for the most part. Some pay back but I’ve seen multiple sites simply say “We’re sorry” and let the users feel the loss.

After the bitstamp theft I have lowered the amount of coins I keep online (from near 100% to less then 50%) and have been thinking about a plan for the site I am making in the event of a hack. I will probably only keep what I can afford to pay back in the online wallet, and manually process withdrawals greater then 75% of that, because in my opinion the site should take the loss not the users, as it’s not the users fault.

My main points being, Think about how much you keep online and the sites you keep it on. I have lost coins this way and do not want to see the same happen to others.

iisurge 50% is way more than I would leave on a hot wallet but that is just a detail…

Unfortunaltly roberrys will occur, that is the way things work… But 5million$ is not something any business can afford… early players yes, not any player.

Oliver Yes the bitstamp loss is insane, as for the 50%, thats me personally not my site. But thats not more then I can afford to lose, I’m sure I wouldn’t keep as much on sites if I had a large amount.

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