The second battle of digital currency is the battle between Ripple and Ethereum


Since the Bank of America PNC joined RippleNet, Ripple price has soared, and its market value has once surpassed Ethereum, ranking second in the digital currency. This is not the first time Ripple has surpassed Ethereum. In fact, in December last year, Ripple also surpassed Ethereum.

I. Ethereum

Ethereum is the largest opponent in the market capitalization of Bitcoin. Coin friends often discuss, will the Ethereum exceed Bitcoin?

Previously, the global digital currency, bitcoin market share accounted for 51.62%, Ethereum 10.72%, Ripple 10.67%, bitcoin cash 3.74%, litecoin price up 1.53%.

As far as the data is concerned, Ethereum does not say that it exceeds Bitcoin. It is very difficult to stabilize the second place now. The gap between Ripple and Ethereum is getting smaller and smaller

In addition, in the past two months, the project parties have abandoned the Ethereum, the founder V God seems to still focus on Ethereum segment expansion technology development. Now the difficulties facing Ethereum are still blockage.

Fortunately, V God and internal core developers have announced two good news recently. It is expected that in October, a hard fork will be introduced to improve the efficiency of the Ethereum network, and the Ethereum 2.0 consensus algorithm rule will be completed. As long as Ethereum can solve the congestion problem, its market value will definitely rise.

Second, Ripple Coin

Ripple, established in 2012, is mainly engaged in providing payment networks and protocol solutions to help improve the efficiency of financial companies’ transfer.

Ripple network, point-to-point transfer, a transaction, can be completed in a few seconds, not only that, through the Ripple network remittance, almost no handling fee. At present, the fastest cross-border Western Union remittance, a transaction, the fastest time is 10 minutes, the remittance of less than 10,000 US dollars is not, the handling fee is 15–40 US dollars.

Another advantage of the Ripple network is that it can automatically select currency conversion. For example: If the US dollar goes to RMB, the Ripple network will choose the most profitable ones in various paths to convert.

Incomplete statistics, Ripple has already reached cooperation with more than 100 financial institutions. Looking at the current market value of 20.7 billion US dollars, Ripple has room for growth in the future.

Volkswagen speculated that the current round of Ripple will rise, mainly because Ripple’s other online project, the xRapid payment system, will use Ripple. However, it is still unclear whether financial institutions will introduce a settlement system.

The future development of Ripple and Ethereum is full of uncertainties. However, the global public chain technology assessment, Ethereum total index 133.8 ranked second, and Ripple ranked 15th in 93.3. In terms of applicability and innovation, Ripple has been left behind by Ethereum.


I think it’s safe to short Ripple, whenever it surpasses Ethereum in market cap. Because we all know it’s centralized crapware that just improves slightly the previous financial system. It’s not drastic change, like Ethereum would be if it worked properly.


Ripple made transactions way faster… What could Ethereum offer that is so differrent from XRP?


Ripple is more advanced coin compare to ETH, but ETH is more popular and has good smart contract as an advantage


I see. I guess NEM as well has good smart contracts


For me ETH was more stable, but now XRP shows better results for sure.


Do you think a hardwork will help Eth get back on the track?