The Staking ability of your wallet

As a new reddcoin user, and as a more visual type of guy, it is always easier for me to understand complex concepts through pictures. When I have IT architects exposing me their solutions for a customer, I always end at the whiteboard drawing what I understood of their explanations, to confirm, challenge and validate the solutions.
For reddcoin, I need to use the same tactic. So as long as I am discovering or understanding concepts , I will try to make them understandable by a larger auditory.

Therefore here is my first take on Staking. I have to thank gnasher for his time for explaning over (and over) some key concepts. This is not 100% accurate, so if we can make it better, please, step in and guide me to correct the following infography.

Also, if better skilled designers are willing to improve the visual, go ahead !


Download and install the new wallet is not the old wallet can be unloaded´╝ü