The things we do to get our Redds...

Today a friend saw my computer’s screen and, with a genuine “wtf face” said (in spanish) “…what the heck are you doing dude?”. This is what he saw:


Had you told me just one year ago that today i’d be “solo-mining” (…wtf?) a stupid crypto alt-coin (…uh?) with a couple of Gridseed ASICs (…the hell?) for like a few cents a day (…seriously?) so i can buy some other crypto-PoSV-stuff called Reddcoin and stake it (…ok mate you need help.), i think that you get the idea.

For those unfamiliar with mining, ~750kH/s is about what can be achieved with your average gamer’s mid-to-high level card (e.g. R9 280x) and pretty much worthless (nowadays anyway). It’s like hitting the faucets, but instead of spending time at the sites entering captchas you do it by searching for cheap (i.e. low difficulty and high supply) scrypt PoW coins and placing buy orders in shady exchanges hoping to crab some cheap Redds.

So i was wondering, those of us that don’t have lots of hashrate or money for crypto… how you do YOU get your Reddcoin fix? Faucets? Posting good stuff hoping to get tipped? CPU (or single GPU) mining? Trading? Doing surveys for gift cards? Anything goes! :smiley:

PS: I sold those 77k cagecoins (seriously who buys this stuff??) in exchange for 20.8 Ð, now i’m trying to buy like 140 RDD with them. I do it for the fun because it really is waste of time and resources… a few thousand reddcoins won’t make me rich, but at least it gives me tipping funds - now my friend thinks i’m mental! (and i understand him, in all honesty)

Didi LOL nice story :slight_smile: I tipped you some Reddcoins so you don’t have to stare at that creepy CageCoin anymore


m3ndi3 Thank you! :slight_smile:

Cagecoin difficulty raised… i think i’ll switch to trollcoin, bunnycoin, powcoin, newyorkcoin… i haven’t decided yet. The alt scene really got out of hand… and there’s still a few launches per week (mostly scams). God… -_-’


Why not sell your graphics cards and just buy reddcoin with the profits? 1 million RDD will mint an average of 137 new RDD daily through staking and only costs about $35 at present.


I do have 5mh for mining but I use these faucets, there are loads but if you claim these 3 every 10 mins it makes a nice run (about 128 sats every 10 mins) (about 1.5 d0ge every 10 mins) (200-10000 every 10 mins dependant on alien - I usually get the 400sat alien)

can build up a nice amount and trade for Rdd on cryptsy

Edit: I left the referals as I get a bonus if you use them but feel free to remove

GrayPhoenix I sold them a month or so before PoSV but still wanted to mine a bit, so i grabbed a couple of ASICs (customs killed me, never again) that sip power (15w from the wall and about 3w more for the staking RasPi - must have). Here in Spain it’s not that difficult to find people who knows about Bitcoin, but miners are a whole different story. Power in here is prohibitive (€0.25 kW/h), so i couldn’t keep GPU mining. PoSV was coming anyway, and i don’t really have any interest (investment-wise) in other cryptos, although i’m mostly up to date

I wouldn’t sell the Gridseeds anyway, you can get them for about 20 bucks (in the states at least). And mining is a hobby for me. :slight_smile: I would get a couple more if i could!

BrownSlaughter A G-Blade? Thanks for the links, i do hit the faucets too from time to time, mostly (just got 5.99 Ð, but payouts are usually higher, every 2 hours), but i’m not very fond of doing so.

I’ll hit your links for the referral. :slight_smile: (and a few satoshi since i’m at it!)

Didi I just use eobot to mine for rdd. 80ghs and I can make 9000rdd a day or more. If I put all my miners there it could make over 40000rdd a day. but currently have a bit at westhash making ,004 btc a day instead.

For some time I was using MN share profits on Cryptsy to buy RDD, and for the most part I’m just buying it here and there. I stopped mining long ago believing it’s really more hassle than it’s worth.

Drakona wow… tat’s some serious hashing power you got… O.o

/envy. Lol.

RDDRocket I concur, anything less than, say, 5 MH/s is really a waste of time (and money). And i never really checked the Mining Contracts… it escapes me how such a thing could be profitable (without being some sort of a Ponzi).

Didi Three s1 antminers. 4 gridseed orbs, 6 asic block erupters.

on eobot, I have 10ghs sha cloud with 156khs scrypt cloud. then add my about 90ghs for half a s1, since still need the right power cords to get the other half of one of my s1’s running.

if all three at full would be close to 460-500ghs total for the s1’s 1-1.5mhs for the four gs orbs, and another 2ghs for the erupters.

total cost to get all of that less then 500$ over a period of time buying them. all on amazon.

the s1’s are sha only, the gs are running in scrypt only more and the erupters are sha only.

You could always check out cryptodouble if you feel willing to play the risk. you can double any amount of coins deposited there in just 100 hours time. so far I have turned 11k rdd to 22krdd, 500 doge to 1000doge and .01 btc to .02 btc all safe and complete.

Drakona said:


…how is this even possible? O.o Is it a group of professional P&D’s? I don’t get it… but i sent 12.5k just to test out the waters. I would definitely not put my stash on there, but if it does work i’ll use it in small amounts.

As for the miners… nice price for the hashes indeed. I hope you have cheap power though… those things are quite power hungry (SHA256).

Didi at a guess they will be they playing the market with your funds and since they will be doing it with big amounts from all users they will make profit from any coin that has even a 1-2 sat swing if all goes well…

most likely they will build up a bit of rep by paying out then after a while they will disappear with all funds.

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Please do not use, talk about, or support these blatantly illegal ponzi scheme sites. This does nothing but reflect negatively on us if we allow that discussion in these forums. They Are illegal, they are just able to get away with things for a brief period with this being an unregulated market system. However, the SEC and others will investigate them, and we don’t want Reddcoin being tied at all with that garbage.

Didi The MN shares are 1. something GH a piece out of a larger mining setup that Cryptsy runs, so you just get straight up paid your percentage of returns, they usually hit about .6 - 1.something BTC per block. For example, I had 300 MN and would get paid out .001-.003 BTC per day. The shares themselves also act essentially as a coin themselves, and so you can trade them back at any time. Each day at 5PM EST the shares are paid out to whoever at that moment is holding them. There is absolutely nothing shady about them. No, you won’t ROI mining with them, but you can trade them off at anytime. Think of it as holding a coin that pays interest directly into your Cryptsy account via BTC, because this is what it is.

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RDDRocket said:

Please do not use, talk about, or support these blatantly illegal ponzi scheme sites. This does nothing but reflect negatively on us if we allow that discussion in these forums.

Rubbish, how is talking about them reflected badly on us? I talked about the Paris terrorist attacks earlier, does that make me associated with them as well?

The reason for discussion is to make aware not support the scams, Without talking about them no one would know the dangers and therefore people would be oblivious. As long as it is clearly stated that they should not be trusted then discussion is always a good thing.

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BrownSlaughter Let me rephrase it for you then. Discussion is fine and dandy. Do NOT recommend users on the forum to go and use something that is blatantly illegal.

RDDRocket well its better but should not have to be said anyway since I never told anyone to go use the service

I never referred to you, it was obviously only Drakona recommending people to use it.

BrownSlaughter said:

most likely they will build up a bit of rep by paying out then after a while they will disappear with all funds.

I think that’s exactly what will happen. Please stay away from sites like this everyone.


Didi s1’s use about 360 watts at the wall. the gs use about 7 watts each in scrypt only mode, and the erupters are less than the gs’s.

Will have to wait for a full month of running them to see what the real cost versus benefit of using them is.

And yes CD is a rand buy a group of crypto day traders that trade at various exchanges. Even still not wise to dump all in there at any point best to use small amounts that are willing to loose.