There might be an opportunity to introduce reddcoin's decentralized tipping platform to new users @BittcoinBowl

There might be an opportunity to introduce reddcoin’s decentralized tipping platform to new users BittcoinBowl

Read this first:

Would it be a good idea to jump on this train and how can we spread real awareness of advantages like decentralization and ease of use?

What do you think?

If we do this we should define some dos and don’ts. There are already enough haters out there and unmindful tip spam might have a contrary result.

ReddcoinRocks The haters will ever exist… people don’t understand that they could be part of something big… this is the case. Although spam services like the one we catch on Reddit that sold each Reddcoin for a penny are a real pain in the harsh. Those attitudes are the worse for the project. Is like Bitcoin association as a major payment method for drugs world wide.

It is a very wild mess.

About the Marketing techniques I’m working with some members on some catch phrases and nice wallpapers to put those on.

I haven’t time these last 7 days, timing is essence here. We need to put some words out to content creators. Now we have something that the end user can understand and say it is easy to use. Once is a stable version.

Ways to do get some content creators in the boat: I think contacting (email) some bands on sound-cloud is essential. Not main stream, I mean is less than 10.000 followers… With a proposition that we help them spreading some of their musics on social media chanels, once they release new ones.

A small letter with one or two useful links. This is important we should look at this letter as a personalized one. At this times we need to have a face… just simple.