Thoughts on the Photochain DApp?


Has anyone heard of photochain yet? Being a photographer and blockchain enthusiast, it caught my attention. They’re creating a secure P2P market place to trade photography with your copyrighted work on the blockchain.


I haven’t heard about it yet. Though I stumbled upon a few dapps for sharing (and, I guess, selling photos)


Never heard, but sounds interesting. Will definitely check it.


Check out this one


OK, will go through. Thanks for the link!


You are more than welcome. It seems to be an interesting source


I don’t understand how it works…


You mean, the app? It allows you to share your photos!


good app for those involved in photography


I think you can make a lot of money just by selling photos. I want to start doing it as well


If you have a desire, talent and skills to photography, so why not?
What type of photos do you like taking?
Good luck! :wink: