Tip logo?

Hi there. Very interested in those Reddcoin tipping logos to put on my twitter and facebook account. Is that possible? Also, any news on when ReddID will be released?


Do you mean you need the official Reddcoin logo, or one for you with your Rdd address or something like that? Just trying to figure out exactly what you’re needing because I may be able to help. Also no very new word on the Redd-ID release aside from some time in Q3 (July-Sept.).

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I had this idea of using the reddcoin logo and a QR address, this one just directs you to reddcoin.com. But if you use reddcoin core, if you go to the transactions tab and create a receiving address a QR code is available as an option when you double click the address. You could use some nifty photoshop skills to overlay it over the reddcoin logo.
Otherwise you could you a bitcoin QR generator maybe, as they both do have 34 characters -> http://bitcoinqrcode.org/

I would like to see the QR done well, with the RDD logo would be cool for tip pictures or stickers. If you need help with the photoshop part ask reddjay :slight_smile:


That is beautiful and really puts technology to work for ReddCoin. I love it!

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great idea!

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Im getting this tattooed on my calf tomorrow!