Tipbot doesn't like me...or isn't working!

I received a message verifying tips…but it doesn’t respond to withdrawal…info…or history


Maybe we should go wallet to wallet! I just sent a billion coins out that way to 500 people flawlessly without going threw a third party.

dusty Careful with the syntax command.

Username / Website said:

+withdraw [adress] [number] reddcoin

Info and history are just a click!

And I have sent and received many millions before…it has always bitched at me if it didn’t understand.

Probably has to do with being banned.

dusty It’s maybe just a lag… this happened before. just wait a few minutes/hours

It’s been a couple hours! Hell of a lag!

I never kept big balances in the damn thing…since I was banned for life from Reddit for promoting Reddcoin. That banning of dusty777 removed me from every tipbot on reddit, And stole my coins!

dusty how many accounts do you have!? “banned for life” seems relative… I have seen some okie77 posts lately

dusty dusty777 was banned by reddit? what have you done?

dusty and now you are trying to get banned from reddcointalk?

How could I get banned for that here…he has disclosed it himself here. And this isn’t reddit… this site was developed for full and open discussion. Don’t you believe in open and HONEST discussion? Isn’t it important who is controlling your money? Full transparency is important in the handling of money.

I am curious who Mr. Bin Ren is who is a director of Reddcoin Ltd. I don’t see Lawrence Ren listed.

dusty Isn’t there a difference in publishing your own private information or the information of someone else?
I believe in controlling my private keys.

You can’t say private and public in the same breath! Once published it is public. This isn’t bean bags!

Some of us are playing for the gold ring!

dusty Then I will correct myself and say “personal information” or which term do you prefer?

dusty said

Isn’t it important who is controlling your money?

dusty Could I ask, Okie, do you have a technical understanding of cryptocurrency?

Personally I do not, meaning that if I look at the code I have no clue where to begin, how it fits together or what it means. I have no coding skills at all.

I ask this question because I feel it is really important to understand how extremely early on we are in the history of cryptocurrency. It is way too early to just call it “money” - that’s not just my opinion; there is not much consensus between governments, financial experts, etc. on the matter, although it looks like many are leaning away from defining cryptocurrency as “money”. But there is no consensus across the world, as there is with paper currency, for example.

It is crucial to understand that the whole cryptocurrency scene is in “alpha” or “beta”. I believe that in layman’s terms this means anything from experimental to unfinished. No-one involved in cryptocurrency should pretend that they do not understand this. And if you understand this simple fact, then you understand that you must take responsibility for your own decisions to buy cryptocurrency.

A cryptocurrency dev is not your bank manager - he is a computer programmer working on an experimental project. There is no contract between you and any cryptocurrency dev, so you would be mad to let them “control your money” wouldn’t you?

A cryptocurrency dev does not control your money - you do! I think that if you like a project and have a good feeling about the team then it is worth concentrating some positive effort into the project. Otherwise it’s best just to forget it.


Last word from me to you!


Okie, please… you’re too temperamental sometimes. Trying to force a point or opinion won’t do any good. Just go with the flow, like i do. It does me wonders.

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Just sent 5k rdd tip on reddit, Concluded in minutes. Just posting for reference. No problems that I could see.

I received a message from tip bot I had a tip…actually 2 tips. However it refuses to respond to info…history or withdrawal. So apparently I am not fully unbanned!