Tipping (showing appreciation) and putting the word out

The way I see it is Reddcoin is the next big thing in Social Media networks.

During the last year I have been reading and posting a lot on different Social Media networks, forums and boards like stackoverflow. On many occasions people was posting information that were really helpful to me. Especially when I was posting questions about web development (which is what I do) and I was getting some really good advices. The thing is that I always wanted to give something back to these people, but I couldn’t. On Reddit I could give an upvote and some Reddit gold at most. On stackoverflow I could just give an upvote.

Now, with Reddcoin and the awesome Tip bot (thank you to whoever built that!) I can tip and show my appreciation to people that did something awesome for me or the rest of the community. In fact when I realised that, I went back to my Reddit activity feed and tipped some people that helped me in the past :smiley:

In that way I do show my appreciation and I also put the word out about Reddcoin! I feel that this is one of Reddcoin’s goals.

I use Reddit a lot. I read all day. So I decided to tip at least 15k of coins everyday to post authors/commentors that offer to the community. The result would be that other users will see my tipping (especially when is on big posts, in big subreddits like /r/entrepreneur or /r/business) and also I will show my appreciation to the author of that post/comment.

We all use Social Media networks like Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, etc. If we all start tipping then, in no time, people will join and Reddcoin will expand for sure. There are people out there like me that will love Reddcoin but they didn’t even hear about it.


Thank you!

Couldn’t agree more with you… it’s just this one sentence:

There are people out there like me that will love Reddcoin but they didn’t even hear about it.

Granted, community efforts are very important, but the team intentions are clear. First, to deliver a working product (Tipping Platform / Social X / Redd-ID), and then PR the crap out of it - pardon the expression.

In an nutshell, community tipping done right (as you wisely point out, you HAVE to show real appreciation, not just throw some random coins) is a very important part in spreading the word, but until we have a working (read “drop-dead user friendly”) product, i wouldn’t try to push it too much. The video says that “it’s the most widely used cryptocurrency amongst the most popular social media sites”, and that is just a blunt lie as of today, so it could even be counterproductive for the “general, non-techie audience” to get excited over reddcoin just now.

…but as always, just my two redds. :slight_smile:


Didi so true… but it’s so hard to keep us enthusiasts from wanting reddcoin everywhere now! Patience is a virtue :stuck_out_tongue:


I know… i’ve been there not that long ago. A year in crypto is like a decade in RL… o.o


stefioan simple actions everyday are important I try to tip usefull quantities in my posts but the usefullness of the coin is not there yet in my opinion. Browser wallet is the beginning of a promissing path to the end user.

Let’s use them as the standard for first time users. If they like and waht to participate in staking then they can download the full wallet. Creating free coins :stuck_out_tongue:

Your path is the right one, though!

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