Tired of being held hostage

I posted about this in the reddit group but this needs to be said and understood. In my opinion, there is a MAJOR problem with reddcoin and the QT wallet.

Let’s look at my current dilemna. I have over 1 mill reddcoin in my QT Wallet (on my Mac). For the past 6 days I’ve been opening and closing and re-opening this wallet because it’s getting stuck (while syncing with the blockchain) at block 1718924.

So, my problem is this… while my wallet is syncing with the blockchain I cannot send or receive my RDD. This is like being held hostage and I don’t see this happening with other coins and QT wallets.

This idea of having to sync BEFORE being able to send or receive coins is ridiculous. It’s like my coins are being held hostage within this QT wallet by the syncing process.

How do I get out of this mess and make it where (at least) I can MOVE my rdd into another address or send it SOMEWHERE, ANYWHERE, FAWK!!! hahaha

Do I really have to download the 2 gb blockchain file?

Today, I downloaded the QT Wallet 2.0 as I was using the older version. Now it says No Block source available and it’s STILL stuck at block 1718924.

I understand syncing as verifying transactions within blocks.
It’s block 1000 and you are trying to send a transaction while only having block number 800, thus who knows if you didn’t spend all your RDD at transaction 850? You need to wait.

I reinstalled my RDD wallet a week ago and had 850.000RDD for several minutes, but of course I couldn’t spend it because I spent them already in 2015, just the blockchain wasn’t past that transaction block.

I don’t know about the syncing problem, I’d try updating blockchain via bootstrap though and about the “no block source” error, I’d try adding new nodes. Also, did you allow access for Reddcoin on firewall?

You can grab pretty much the entire blockchain over here http://cryptochainer.com/dir/?page_id=365

makellbird Это большая проблема, с персональными кошельками. Их надо постоянно обновлять, а если ты год не появишься в интернете, то получится, что твои монеты не вернуть из за изменения программы. Это неправильно. Нужно, чтобы все кошельки продолжали работать, независимо от того, первого он выпуска или последнего.

Alex007 if you see that my original post is in English, then why are you replying in what appears to be Russian???

makellbird Ты русофоб?

Alex007 чувак, ты неадекват, и не я первый тебе об этом говорю здесь.

Vanamonde В зеркало смотри чаще-гений.

anyway to try opening your wallet on a different OS?