To those who market reddcoin - some help.

I tried to find an e-mail to contact reddcoin staff but wasn’t able to find one. It was to do with getting people interested in the crypto currency…

Most days I type in redd coin news to read if there are any major developments and there is always constant talk of people wanting to know how to purchase redd coin. Please anyone who is on the marketing team explain how people can buy redd coin very easily by using sites like coins to convert bitcoin into cash then purchasing.

Without being able to purchase and watching the price go up and down people lose interest in the coin and the community…

Please help so we can grow reddcoin as a community and an investment!!

Well, I bought on litebit but they temporarily disabled new registrations.
Maybe everyone should list were they got reddcoin here and we can look to let them know ourselves?

I use YoBit to get most of mine, but if you can obtain any other crypto, is a good site to switch that coin into Reddcoin :slight_smile: