Tokens don't mature


I’ve been staking since March. Tokens are being generated but not maturing and token balance is not increasing. Any ideas how to fix this situation?


Please disregard my post, clearly I’m an amateur. While the wallet does not indicate tokens staked or pending apparently they are maturing, and after some simple math and checking the Reddcoin explorer my balance is increasing. Still I can’t help but wonder why bother to put a stake or pending counter when it’s always at zero, or at least that’s the case of my wallet.


It has to pass at least 1 week to get your stake.


Why such a long period?


Thats how the system is set up. Thats why you get weekly payout. Yoy need a certain number of blocks to contain confirmations for your tokens in your wallet. It takes 1 week to get that number of confirmations (blocks) for the first stake.


I see. So, this period is determined by the process, not just some rules


The POsV algorythm was designed so. It needs a certain amount of verifications. For instance if you keep coins from 2014 you would get the interest for each N number of blocks. :wink: