too few connections (max = 3)

I’m running version, over tor since >2 days (1).

But: currently it has only 2 connections
(maximum I saw was: 3, one of them being the DNS seeder itself)

Can you tell me if you have more connections atm? (2)
Thank you!

I saw also this edit (3), not sure if related.

(1) my peers.dat has only a size of 1.3 KiB
(2) if something buggy, I could add the peers manually:

I’m not an expert but you may have to manually add (some) nodes to your reddcoin.conf file. It’s in your data dir (same folder than wallet.dat). It’s also possible that there’s none so you have to create it. Here’s an example of my reddcoin.conf file:

[At this point i have to wait because my ReddPi is maxed out and unresponsive]



Finding nodes over Tor could be difficult i presume; that should lessen the issue.

PS: You can change the rpc user and password, but any random string of characters will do since you don’t have to remember it.

EDIT: Just in case, that’s not my actual rpc user and psw.

Thank you very much for the conf (let me see if I get >3 connections afterwards)

OK, there’s an increase :slight_smile:
I have now 5 connections (1).

Anyways, I think the dns seeder should send to my client all the IPs it knows of, but perhaps it’s buggy?
Interestingly I see also this:

Warning: Local node misbehaving (delta: 1)!
ProcessMessage(checkpoint, 110 bytes) FAILED
Misbehaving (0 -> 1)
ProcessMessage(checkpoint, 110 bytes) FAILED
CheckSync: accepted? somehashhere

Finding nodes over Tor could be difficult i presume
Should it be like this?

(1) though I suspect it’s only 4. Because I see it connects two times to the same IP: and

erkan I am not an expert on TOR, but from what i understand apart from having in the nodes in the config file as you have done.
The dnsseeder works by discovering all node on port 45444, and then returning a subset of reliable nodes.

i have a separate dnsseeder running if you wish to add it

Try adding that one in and let me know how it goes

Thank you I will try that then.

Currently I have only 1 active connection and was wondering when I will be cut off from the redd-network :frowning:

The thing is all other *coin-clients I am running work nicely with tor, only reddcoin is behaving like this :frowning:

Pressing my thumbs it will work now with your seeder


no immediate change: still only 1 connection (the same IP as before)

do you see by chance anything in your seeder’s logs ?

I see also:
only 3 addresses are loaded from my peers.dat (see above size)

perhaps I can get someone else’s peers.dat and try with that ?

erkan you can check access to my dns seed by doing an

nslookup (sorry windows command)

This command should return a list of ips which are the most reliable to reach at the time of query

When you hard code nodes into the conf file, it is expected that they are always on.
Since didi provided the list it might be possible that some are now not available
The discovery process for all altcoins is that further peer addresses are requested from discovered nodes.

The peers.dat file is dynamic.
my suggestion would be that you rename it and let it be recreated (using

as a minimum, you only need 1 connection to be on the network… ideally this would increase to 8 after a short while of running (say, an hour)
However, under TOR this may not be the case.

Will do and report back here.

And, thank you and didi for your help :slight_smile:

looks good:
I have 8 connections now :slight_smile:

YAY, thanks!

Fantastic… good to hear