Top Redd Coin Faucet, help keep it dripping RDD!!

Hey guys,

So the faucet we at UpTrade launched is doing quite well for those of you that are aware of it. To date we have given away just over 3 million RDD and still dripping! To keep it alive we need your help!

All funds generated by the site are put back into the site weather its hosting, RDD Coins or Advertising.

We are looking for new advertisers on the site, if you are interested then the prices are as follows.

250,000 RDD for 24 Hours
500,000 RDD for 72 Hours
1 Million RDD for 168 Hours

Donations are always welcome. All donations received go directly to the faucet and given away. Advertising pays the bills then whats left goes straight to the faucet pool!

Donation address can be found on the faucet footer.


Thanks guys!

upt_ryan link to your faucet?

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Converter Sorry about that I never even realized it wasn’t there :smiley:

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