Transaction has confirmed but not yet received in wallet address

Hello Sir/Ma’am
I had sent 264939.87888298 RDD coin to my Yobit exchange’s RDD wallet address - Rj4nzpQpxbfSZgevS5WGNMtf1LDfMXd5GQ with this TxId: 1ea8ee89f5c77e7c87acbef319890b6ea1fcacb5e3bacbe0af55a912435cd511

But still there is nothing in my wallet. I got nothing in my Yobit exchange’s RDD coin wallet.

I request you to please help me.
Thank You.

I had to wait a few days for a payout on yobit. I think they are just very slow or their system. The support responded to me only after two days. I think you have to wait a bit.

I also had the same issue with Yobit, Especially last Sunday. I was trying to rush into the buy up for ETZ. and I deposited all of my RDD (79k a the time). I waited and waited all day, even leaving a ticket. Confirmation was stuck at 1/2.

Finally, Monday morning came along and there were my funds! I don’t think they auto confirm on every wallet, which is strange, but they do not operate on Sundays.

Hope that helps.

But in Yobit exchange there is showing that RDD coin wallet is in maintenance. It has been more than 3 days and what should i do?
I leaved a ticked and then they replied
Dear User!

Support answer:

Wallet is on maintenance.
The solution to this cryptocurrency will take some time, need to update the wallet.
We apologize for any inconvenience

I have the same situation with the wallet on yobit. Address Rfzhyew8hYZtYBDARRbZLtD6QjdRr3qLRk, transaction 0ede7f428d24d2ab29fb38532680f03583105dfde4cc833e3b6ef85f85e763f7. Support is silent.

Please contribute to the solution of the problem. Or at least the timing of what to expect would have been known.