Transifex Translations

To help control the flow of messages, I thought I would create a new topic.

<Edit: Transifex updated with new translation file containing correct Reddcoin>


I am looking for people who would like to have a look into the following languages:

  • Russian (27% completed)
  • Ukrainian (43% completed)
  • German (69% completed)
  • Chinese (73% completed)
  • Hindi (11% completed)
  • Spanish (69% completed)
  • Portugese (27% completed)
  • French (100% completed - to be reviewed)
  • Dutch (69% completed)
  • Tagalog (0% completed*)

Of course any others are also welcome. The wallet needs to be a global product

Great news gnasher. And for the translation part, I can take the French part if it is still available.

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I’ve updated the Trello board for non-core activities with the info provided here by gnasher.
And I just learned what Tagalog is. That’s another win for Reddcoin. Thanks ! :slight_smile:

DeadPool French is still open, actually multiple people can work on the same language.

If anyone is interested to take a look you need to create an account at and nominate the tasks that you would like to participate in

Also, since updating, I can see that someone has already started working on the Icelandic.

Gnasher I believe the translated text will be needed to be uploaded as
Also, should the references to Bitcoin be replaced by Reddcoin or should they be left as is. As mentioned in PM I will be working on Hindi (India) translation


I will work on getting some instructions going.
I am assuming that everyone will work in the browser, but if you want to use a different method let me know.

Good catch on the Reddcoin <=> Bitcoin swap.
I will review that today and update.
From what I know, you should be able to continue to translate, and when the updated strings file is uploaded, it would be updated on the web

During the french translation I saw some notions of mining (instead of staking) too.

For the time being, the french version is done, ready for review.

Man, that was fast :slight_smile:
Fantastic effort indeed.

did you tag those items referencing mining.
I am in the process of cleaning up the source file

DeadPool I just pushed an updated language file with some improvements, and fixed the mining to staking :slight_smile:

Sorry, I couldn’t reply sooner, timezone difference :wink:
I will have a tour of the change and do it for the end of day (if not sooner).

Gnasher there are strings I cannot translate due to their formating.

“%n second(s)” and “%n minute(s)” : on transiflex you have an option for when its singular (one) and when its plural (others).
Here the original string as shown above should be “%n second” for one and “%n seconds” for others. As it is the same for both, when I do the difference, I cannot save the translation because of a warning message.

Can you have a look ?


gnasher :

is there really a d behind reddcoin in ?

Sorry, lot of questions…

In finishing the fr_CA translation (just importing and uploading the french translation), how can I circumvent this :
Error: The resource of this source string is not accepting translations.

thanks !

Hi DeadPool
I have been taking a look through your translations for both French(fr) and French(ca) and it looks like both were accepted for upload.
They are both showing 100%

For, this is correct, it refers to the executable reddcoind

For the singular/plural this needs to be fixed in the source file to allow it to work correctly.

The source format of the code for singular/plural is correct

"%n second(s)"

In the translator, you need to select [one][other]

and fill in the required translation

Looking at what you have done, it all looks correct as it is saved (and no warning on my side)