Trying to buy Reddcoins for two days now


I can’t download the wallet, so I have to buy via Litebit and can use Ideal to pay, but I can’t transfer the money because of Chrismas. Does anybody have an idea how to buy after 2 days of horror… :wink:
I did some reading online and would love to be part of the Reddcoin family, so good tips are welcome!

Thanks in advance.


At least you are in Litebit… im still waiting for their registrations to reopen :sweat: Ive been meaning to buy Reddcoin for 5 days now and if i could have i wouldve trippled my money by now :persevere:
Guess patience is of the essence…

I transferred BTC to Coinomi and used Shapeshit to convert them to reddcoin.

Why isn’t anyone using to buy Redd… All you need is Bitcoin and your in… pretty simple although it is an Australian based site so prices are in AUD

You can buy reddcoin through! it’s the easiest way. they have many coins they accept as exchange currency. They have a big list of coins.

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