two wallets ( 1.4 and 2.0 ) no and slow synching.

Alright, this is what I have done:
I downloaded the reddcoin core wallet, bought some Reddcoins and send it to the my address. Then I noticed that the wallet I used was an old version 1.4 , then I downloaded the 2.0 version. Now I have one old version with my coins, but it won’t synch, because there are no blocks available.
And i’ve got the 2.0 version without the right address and it also takes three years to sync, because the bootstrap doesn’t work. ( I am pretty new to crypto, and not an computer expert )
So now I got different maps, different wallet.dat files, different programs. It’s becoming more and more confusing and I don’t know what I can do or delete without losing my coins.
Who Can help me? Thanks

Guys always make sure your wallet is completely installed and running correctly… BACK UP AND COLD STORE!
Dont send coins until this is done!


backup yourwallet.dat file from the wallet that’s currently holding your coins.

Uninstall the old and new wallets and start again.

Once your new wallet is up, installed correctly and synced uptodate. Install your saved wallet.dat.

To check your balance goto:
Enter your receiving addresses to see balance.

Tip if this helps :+1:


Alright, Thank you very much, so far it all went good, and my wallet is synched, but how do I get my receiving address with my coins in this wallet, and can I just drag the wallet.dat folder with my coins to the other maps and overwrite the empty wallet.dat file?

PasCarbs I too am having issues with the wallet but not knowing better I sent coins to the wallet before it was completely syncing and working. Now I have coins in limbo. I tried doing the bootstrap but I am not very tech savvy so I am not even sure I have the original file? I have tried contacting Redd thru several outlets with no responnse. Thank you