ubuntu 14-lowlatency irq balanced qt wallet crash and can't find blocks

same issue in ubuntu…how do i remove it and re-installl…create a dedicated user profile?with full read/write/permisions?st thing i did was copy plankton.cooy in user folder downloads and plankton’s directy, a few hours later reddcoin-qt crashed

this crash happened during a 36hr run, no error logging popped up

also when i load reddcoin-qt…the ./sh icon and process for plankton-qt apears instead of reddcoin-qt…in proces manager maybe it’s setup conflicts with redcoin, so i need to remove both and try reddcoin again. perfectly willing to start from scratch…no backup.

pazsion How much ram do you have? I had the issue of not enough ram and solved it by adding a swap file. Reddcoind seems to be ram hungrey

4gb ddr2 stock ram, should need replacement certainly…still tests like new…over 5yo 2,9gb ram used currently, 1.1gb/38gb raided hybrid hd+ssd raid10 swap. 72 hr run time. after i upgraded to lowlatency one swap part did not detect properly…i changed some hdparams…32bit and dma enabled, they were not originaly. these are hw level setings and have not conflicted with the 64bit os…all other errors are explainable and fixable…but reddcoin ran since bootup. nmc is stable and solo mining. i need to log its ram use.

reddcoin-qt had -gen 1 and maxconnections 255 again, no config file that i setup. ran stable for 36hours., but was not being mined to…its not pow?

So when this is cleaned up and running i’ll do that.

there are 3 qt’s i’m attempting to run at one time…i’ve never had isues on windows or ubuntu. but plankton-qt is the only diferntence between them. and its definately causeing redcoin at least to have some confllicts as i’ve stated earlier. what details can be more helpful? right now i don’t want to bother with recovery, Understanding what hapened will help prevent this. how do i get debug info for this properly for you?

i just need reddcoin - qt to not do this again. I wish to see if removal and rinstaling works but do not know the procedure or where to check to make sure its gone.

4gb ram?! No issues on a raspberry pi with only 256mb…

pazsion the reddcoin block chain and config files should be stored in either

or /root/.reddcoin/

It might be because your trying to run all of them and no reddcoin is not PoW, it is Proof of Stake velocity

fresh reboot all other mentioned errors fixed disk scan looks good all raided feels good,

reddcoin-qt -gen 1 -maxconnections 255
“sni-qt/6348” WARN 04:08:48.578 void StatusNotifierItemFactory::connectToSnw() Invalid interface to SNW_SERVICE
reddcoin-qt: src/checkpoints.cpp:285: bool Checkpoints::CheckSync(const uint256&, const CBlockIndex*): Assertion `mapBlockIndex.count(hashSyncCheckpoint)’ failed.


nmc crashed last nice, reboot produced 2 error bug reboots.both submitted ubuntu and nmc…ram an bottlenecks of the sort could be issues.burstcoin was added as well…these things need constant access to both read and write , both in network and disk capacity, particularly in multiples…don’t have disk space for btc, for example… its huge. each coin does its own thing apparntly…