Unable to confirm Transaction after it is sent


I sent 513457.2306 RDD coins from my desktop wallet to my macbook laptop wallet on 8th November but up till now it is still not confirmed (With Question Mark) until now (See the attached diagram)

I have already upgraded both RDD Wallets to the latest Reddcoin Core version v3.10.3.0-00eedb8-beta (64-bit) before sending it the RDD coins

The receiving address is RozctNgS2DTSzNDmZbQNkNzGFzoWk1XR5f
The Transaction ID is 0eccf70e97e3d773fedb6b03f5bcfac8cb9d033df53445067053934cb4e1b15e-000

Please help to advise on this. Need your help.

Daniel Tien


Assuming the sending machine is Windows (as seen on screenshot).

  • Make a backup of your wallet (on the sending machine). You can do this via File (menu) -> Backup wallet. Do not skip this step.

  • Exit/close Reddcoin Core.

  • Open ‘File Explorer’ (on the right side of Paint, and left of Chrome in your Taskbar).

  • Enter this in the address bar:
    Screenshot: https://i.imgur.com/VwK5sWN.png.

  • Find the ‘Reddcoin’ folder and open it.

  • Rename these 2 folders:

    • blocksold_blocks
    • chainstateold_chainstate

    This step will force Reddcoin Core to redownload the blockchain from zero.

  • Open Reddcoin Core.

  • On the left bottom corner, you will see that the blockchain is syncing. Leave Reddcoin Core open and running, and let it sync. It should finish within a day, takes around 12 hours or so.

  • Your balance will be 0 while it is syncing. Don’t worry, your balance will be displayed correctly once syncing is completed.


I expect the transaction to complete after syncing is finished. If not, please post again with the updated situation.

Don’t worry, you haven’t lost any RDD, you will be able to restore those 513.000 RDD back to your wallet in worst case.


I am carrying out the steps above for the wallet(On the Sending Machine). It will probably take 1 to 2 days to download the blockchain
There is no RDD received in my receiving wallet as well . My receiving wallet is a Macbook Pro. Do I need to carry out the following steps above for the receiving wallet?

Daniel Tien

One step at a time. (Or else things might get confusing.)


These are the steps that I would take:

  • Fix the issue on the sending machine. Currently in progress…
  • Get the transaction confirmed on the sending machine.
  • When confirmed, check the transaction on Reddsight (Reddcoin blockchain explorer): https://live.reddcoin.com/.
    • Search for the transaction on that website. If the transaction can be found, the transaction has been executed properly.
  • When confirmed the transaction is confirmed properly, then check the receiving machine. The transaction should be visible there as well.
    • If the transaction is not visible on the receiving machine, the blockchain has to be resynced on that machine as well. We’ll do that when we get there. :P.


(There are ways to speed up the syncing, by using a method called bootstrapping. But that requires some manual actions on your side, which could make things complicated. That’s why I chose to keep it easy and just let the sync finish… If you still want to bootstrap, see this guide: https://wiki.reddcoin.com/Bootstrap_the_Reddcoin_Blockchain).


Keep us posted/updated. :).


I have done the steps mentioned for the sending machine.
It is not showing as confirmed but rather as conflicted (Exclammation Mark)
See attached picture
Please advise how to proceed


I see the coins appear in my sending wallet as though as I have never sent it out

After I shut down my computer and on it again after some time, it shows that the transaction as unconfirmed again (question mark) and the coins are missing again.

Is there corruption?

  • Make a backup of your wallet. In Reddcoin Core -> File (menu) -> Backup wallet.


Reddcoin Core installs in the ‘Program Files’ or ‘Program Files (x86)’ folder by default.

I assume your Reddcoin Core install folder is C:\Program Files\Reddcoin Core.
That folder should have a reddcoin-qt.exe file.
Please check if you can find the folder/file.


  • Open the folder of where reddcoin-qt.exe is in.
  • Right click on the .exe file and select ‘create shortcut’.
  • There should be a new file on the folder, the shortcut. Right click on the shortcut and select ‘Properties’.
  • In the properties screen, there is a ‘Target’ field. It should point to the location of the reddcoin-qt. The value is between " " → add a space and -zapwallettxes=1 behind it. So it will look something like this: "C:\...\...\reddcoin-qt.exe" -zapwallettxes=1


  • After this, use/open the shortcut (only once). Check if your balance is now OK (as expected). After this, open Reddcoin Core the regular way.

And? What is the status of your issue?