Under Paid

In every type of sports from Air Plane Racing to Skate Boards to Snow Boarding and singers, all you see is Red Bull, Monster Energy, Rock Star energy Drink. That is What Reddcoin MUST Do. Tell athletes If you wear A Reddcoin Logo that Reddcoin Nation will Tipp you. Word WILL Spared like Wild Fire with UNDER PAID Athletes From Drivers, to Moto Cross Riders, Bike Riders, will ALL do Anything to get funds to stay in their Sport. ALLMOST All of them are forced to quit from lack of fund. Reddcoin Could Change that for Many Many Under Paid Athletes. Make Something Happen !!! Every Day! twitter and Reddcoin could Change Lives! And The WORLD. M.S.H.!!

Some one Get this to the people in charge of Reddcoin. It is simple sponsorship and advertising. Make the patches and stickers available and get the word out and Tip the people promoting Reddcoin. We will all benefit. If athletes don’t need the coins Donate them to charities. It could BE BIG!! MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN!!! Every Day!