Understanding reddcoin-cli

Hi all, I am quite interested in this project and have just installed the reddcoin linux daemon to test it out and get a much better first hand understanding. This also seemed the best way to test out staking as my laptop is on and off all the time, so running it on a dedicated vps seems like the way to go.

Installation was straight forward, its running, no errors that I can see and it has 13 peers currently.

I decided to let it sync up manually to see how that would go. 3 days later and I’m still waiting… is that normal?

My real question however is what commands and in what order should be used to create a new wallet address and then start staking? From listing out the commands available I can see many to list addresses but none to create a new address. What is the process here?

Also, is there a web front end for the linux daemon? It appears that the OSX app can’t connect to it so I need another option.


Seems that it needed a faster cpu, I resized the vps to a more normal power and it finished sync’ing a couple of hours later. I’m still waiting for it to start staking.

I might do a bit of a write-up later today, however I figured out all the commands and was able to transfer some test funds in and out quite easily. Now I just want to see it start staking!

Has anyone written a simple web-gui front end for the cli? It would strike me that a simple status page would be very helpful.