Unofficial bootstrap.dat thread (updated every two weeks... or three).

DISCLAIMER: I’m not a developer nor associated with Reddcoin in any other way than just being a (mostly retired) member of this community, so by performing the following procedure you are ultimately putting your trust in me.

Last update: 18/02/2016

How to set up a Reddcoin wallet with the bootstrap method.

  • Download the QT Wallet from and insall it.

  • Download the file (links below) and uncompress it. It is recommended to check the MD5 hash (tutorials below) to guarantee its integrity.

  • Copy bootstrap.dat to your data directory. After the wallet has used bootstrap.dat, the file will be renamed to bootstrap.dat.old; at this point you can choose to delete it or keep it.

  1. Linux
    Reddcoin’s data directory is located in ~/.reddcoin/ by default. You can run ls -a to see directories that start with a dot.
    You can also search for the directory with the following command: find / -name wallet.dat -print 2>/dev/null

  2. Mac
    Reddcoin’s data directory should be located in ~/Library/Application Support/Reddcoin/.

  3. Windows
    Go to Start>Run (or press WinKey+R) and run: explorer %APPDATA%\Reddcoin
    Reddcoin’s data directory will open. “AppData” and “Application Data” are hidden by default in Windows.

  • Open the wallet; now it should catch up much faster - ultimately depending on the speed of your computer.



  • Windows: You can download a free and very easy to use tool from

  • Mac: Launch the terminal and navigate to the folder containing the file, then type “md5” and you’ll be returned with a hash that should match the one i provided with the links.

  • Linux: same as with Mac; open a terminal, navigate to the containing folder and type “md5sum”


Nice work Didi
Do yo plan on using only keeping 1 file there?
Or keeping a historic list.
If i could suggest, to keep a few months of bootstrap files

This allows to go back to an earlier version if something goes wrong for any reason

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Gnasher well thought of… after all this is a backup of the whole blockchain (EDIT: if i’m not mistaken). :S

With Mega i can (and will) do, 50 GB storage. Dropbox 2GB though… so only Mega. Or good ol’ torrent.

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I just hate having to install the mega client in order to get proper download speeds…without it you are capped at a really low speed.

and torrents are only as good as the number of seeds available.

on the upside only 5 days left to be synced now because I used the bootstrap after it finished being downloaded through the mega client and finished importing to the qt wallet.


Drakona glad to hear it was useful, if a bit slow to download. I didn’t know that Mega was so slow when doing regulad rownloads. :confused:

Next time i’ll post a .torrent as well for the “geeks” (like myself :D); the seed will be my RasPi so you’ll get your file in minutes.

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I’ve just shared the file via FTP, easier/faster than .torrent. You’ll get the file straight from my ReddPi; speed is capped @ 30 25Mbps just in case “someone reddcoin-friendly” decides to spam my upload.


Could someone please test it and report download speeds? (I’ll edit the thread after it has been tested.)

…i’m logging failed login attempts to my Pi via ssh, unrelated to the FTP. Whoever is doing it please reconsider it, there’s nothing for you to gain and nothing for me to lose, except the 10 minutes it takes to reflash the SD.

Trolling a forum or downvoting posts is one thing, but this is a whole different level.

Downloading it now.900mb file@ .6mb a second…30 minutes or som

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Redshift thanx for testing, i couldn’t do it yesterday. The RasPi was (CPU) maxed out for the most part of yesterday (compiling stuff) so that could explain the slow transfer. Today i got around 2MB/s from a friend’s but then again ISPs are very close to each other.

In any case it’s better (faster & easier) than Dropbox and Mega for the end user so i’ll keep the FTP up, i’ll only use Mega to keep an historic list of files (along with the latest one should my ReddPi be down for whatever reasons).

I sent you a small tip yesterday using the website tip button did you get it?

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Ooohh thanks, my first tip! :smiley:

(I didn’t notice, my tipping wallet is in my windoze lappy).

Didi if the forum is open, you will get a notification. You can also browse to the last transactions for your forum address. Under your user settings (Tipping history)

Didi I had someone do that to my RPi. I found the “last login IP” and changed the person’s password to their router (Admin as both username and password is horrible) and reset the damn thing after I turned off the internet and wifi…

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Gnasher thx but i saw no notification, but then again i’m quite absent-minded. Anyway i think i know it should pop up.

bmp02050 +500 :smiley:

Back in the early DSL days you coud go even further… if you managed to log in you were able to get the landline phone number. How sweet is that??)

Didi when you confirm you have the tip I will send some more along for your bootstrap efforts

Redshift thanks, maybe i wasn’t clear with my reply (happens often) but i did get the tip, thanks again. :slight_smile:

(And please no need to send more, this will only take me 20 minutes every two weeks. All the “hassle” - creating accounts and such - has already been done and i do perform those backups for personal use, so this requires almost zero effort).


New boostrap file available, post updated.



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Updated. Took the FTP down since no one has used it and i’d rather keep port 21 closed.

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No worries Didi
we need to work on a better distribution method
Thanks for putting it up in the first place

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