[Update] Reddcoin Network status for BiP66 and new v2.0 client

Reddcoin BIP66: v4 blocks at 65%
Reddcoin Core v2.0 approaching the majority client

Any idea what those “unknown” are ?

spiders, bots, … ?

erkan there are a few services on the network that are not wallets such as dnsseeder, etc.

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so i figure that this is hurting reddcoin in general? like online wallets ?

Reddcoinnoob not at all.

These are essential services (Dnsseed for example helps the wallets find other nodes to connect to).
Most of these “other” servers are gathering information to present on their websites.

Online wallets are fine also, they also providing a service.
It is not expected they everyone who wants to hold Reddcoin will run a full node (Reddcoin Core)
I will be discussing more on this in my upcoming road map.

Full nodes are important, as they are the backbone of the network. But other layers need to exist to provide services to the end user.

v4 blocks now at 75%
55% of the network now running v2 wallet


Gnasher how do we get everyone on version 2.0?

altcoinbonanza just need to keep advertising the fact that the new version is out there.
It is gaining traction…