Vote for Multisig Nominations - Community

I have created the following poll for nominating the community holders for the 3 of 5 multisig address
We each have a single vote (so make it count)
The poll will end on 20th Sept (12AM - server time)

Great work.

As always…Happy to help if and when required!!

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Gnasher Voted and Thanks Staking staking staking…

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I still need to work out how to get the vote for Devs nomination working.

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Gnasher I am still trying to figure out what the next move is.

So basically, what i originally had in mind was select 3 names from the community, and 2 from the developers for a total of 5 nominations for creating the 3 of 5 mulitsig
Need to find a way to generate the Dev poll

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I am currently on an online wallet and it doesn’t stake I would like you to remove my name as it will currently disrupt the working of the community wallets.

Gnasher If this is a community raised fund, shouldn’t it be fully controlled by the community?

Dan The wallet is for the community to fund the Developers who are working on community approved improvements, We all get to to vote on what gets done and how its rewarded. One man one vote 1 reddcoin or 20million all you get is one vote.
We dont want to get bogged down in procedural matters if we can help it.
Put your name forward for consideration as a keyholder of the wallet if you like.
If not then cast a vote for one of the names on the list.

Im already on the list…

Im just saying, is it right that devs have any control of the funds?

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Dan I see what you are saying. When we have a Community/Organisation/Foundation worked out then that will probably be addressed. This is all very informal and ad hoc right now and the responsibility is being shared interm. Until we have a formal structure in place this is being done off the cuff and it may mean that a Dev or Two max will be holding keys, the balance of control will be placed in the members who are voted for so 3 to 2 until such time we find 5 members who can accept the responsibility.

Should I vote for myself or someone else? I am committed to doing this job but also want the process to be fair. Have we discussed these rules?

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FaithInReddcoin The voting is informal
So self voting is allowed.

Dan my goal is to get the community more actively involved, but in these early days, it seems like it needed a kick along.
If the community just wants some direction on how to do stuff, i am more than happy to give guidance.
This is my ultimate goal.
We need to remove the reliance on single responsibility.
It is a weakness best avoided
So, I dont have a problem if this wallet is only community controlled (The dev poll isnt online yet as this forum is having a problem with the polling plugin).
In fact i have mentioned before, the amounts should be awarded to any community members who step up and contribute to active projects (or create new projects).


I’m willing to trust these devs and don’t see an issue with them having some part of the control. Gnasher has taken the lead on this thing and has never done anything to make us question his trust.


I guess, now its no longer the dev team who I couldn’t place trust in, it doesn’t really matter. I was just thinking of the original devs and tarring all with that brush.

Also, as I’m in no way able to perform dev type work, it was just a nice way I could feel like I was helping the cause, so I’m sure others would feel the same.

Good to see funds ending up in an address controlled by many people… Also, being on the poll is an honor by itself, means I was considered for the task! Thank you,


tecopos you did an awesome write on creating multisig addresses…


My vote is in.

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Where is process of creating Community Wallet? Why did you stop work on this issue? Have you gotten up. Without this one community will be staying on the place long time…

That is an excellent question. And should be asked since a significant amount was pledged. and time has passed and not much has happened on the surface

The current status for this is work in progress:

As a community driven project, what actually is needed is for a community member to step up and drive this.
I initially took the reins, so to speak, to get it to start moving, but it needs someone to take control and go through the process.
As a community project, it should be in the hands of the community

As anyone who has gone through the process of generating a multisig address could contest, it is a non-trivial exercise as there are a lot of steps to be successful. It is not impossible, but you need to be careful
I have worked with some of the nominees, to generate some test addresses to make sure the process is sound.

This needs some time and resource injected back in.

Calling out to the original nominees.
FaithInReddcoin GrayPhoenix Redshift AkshatBahety Dan Redd tecopos