[VOTE] It is time to select our ~7 favorite catchphrases!

Hi Reddheads,

As some of you know we had been brainstorming these last few days with some Catch Phrases for this currency.

Thanks to UncleDarth, e_sushi, YouCanDoAnything, Manirvo, GrayPhoenix, Redd, Reddshift, hydrazine, miha, Reddshift and cyberfy !

http://goo.gl/forms/g8RKhQlOjE <- Voting HERE

Some of these catchphrases will be used on our wallpaper collection You can still submit images related to content creators there. :smiley:

PS: This voting form ends by 5 january midnight Portugal time. Enjoy :smiley:


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for me none of them seem to match the currency :frowning:

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BrownSlaughter then come up with your own :slight_smile:

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nice long list with some good catch phrases…

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I voted, I encourage everyone to vote!

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miha I would but they would be even worse like “Give Redd, get Redd”


BrownSlaughter hehe, they will be used for some wallpapers so every catchy phrase is good suggestion. Give, get, redd is no regret :smiley:

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I voted :slight_smile: I like the phrases that distinguish us from other coins, and explain what we are. Rather than just “We’re the future”. No one knows why we are the future.

Twists we are here to create awereness around the project. The more curious people start to act the more they start to search!

Mate a week ago I started activelly working on twitter. hehe :wink:

“Grain by grain is the chicken’s mouth full!” Joint the conversation here!

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haha - glad my e-mail signature made in in there :smiley:

Oliver good point. For some reason I didn’t think about the fact people searching for what we are benefits us a lot.

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Really sorry I’ve been absent from this great initiative, Oliver. I made my vote a bit late.

reddibrek No problem, mate. I’m only more active at night for the next few months since I’m starting a job again… This next weekend I will gather the data and make a new post.