Wallet and active users?


Hello All you #reddheads !!

I like to ask and see what the community thinks about the wallet and why when i log in to mine (who am i kidding i leave it open 24/7) i notice that we typically only have about 24 or around the 10-20 people on the wallet?

This leads me to a few new user questions that I hope will explain to others (and myself) why or why not to use the wallet.

1: What is the reason to NOT use the wallet ? I am aware that leaving your computer on 24/7 and or you have trust issues with leaving coin in the wallet, but other than that ? You invested into the idea, you invested time to come here , and even download the wallet, why not just let it run.

2: By using the wallet what does this do for the team at RDD ? How is staking helping the cause ?

3: (Directed to an employee of reddcoin) What is one feature of the wallet you would say is a “selling point” ? This can be used to influence other crypto users or someone that has NEVER used it ?

4: As a user what are some things you wish were a bit more streamlined ? I am sure dev and others want to know this as it can ensure success. So putting “i want free things” is not going to help them just instead make you loose a good amount of your credibility.

Thanks to all

~ Kilown