Wallet corrupt Help!

I made a wallet in the electrum wallet and i wanted to move it to the qt wallet. I cant move since its corrupt also i tried salavagin the wallet but somehow my pc doesnt allow me to create a .bat or any .txt file other than a folder. The whole reddcoin directory doesnt allow me change the permissions.

thanks for any help!

Ok we need to see some expert help here which I am of course not.
You are using WIndows but which version 7/8/10 or Xp right.
Rule number one is you have made a back up right?
If you have not made a back up then you are going to have a bad time.
I use the QT wallet and can’t help with the Electrum so to HELP others please post complete information so that if anyone else has the issue your problem and resolving it can aid others.

Why do you want to change permissions?
Your sole concern needs to be finding your WALLET.DAT file and placing a copy of that on your desktop.
Once you have made a copy of the wallet.dat file on the desktop. You will need to reinstall the client and then navigate to the Reddcoin folder and remove the wallet.dat the new install created and REPLACE it with your own from the desktop. close the client and restart it once it restarts your coins if any will be there.
AS FAR AS I KNOW there is NO WAY to IMPORT the Wallet.dat from the ELECTRUM CLIENT they are not compatible with the QT. You will need to install the QT client and then SEND they coins from the ELECTRUM client to QT walllet address anyone else can weigh in and correct me

Redshift I did try your method and but as i open the qt wallet it says wallet corrupt.
I tried every backup i had. The electrum wallet is not supported anymore so i cant send the coins also.

Ok please post your version of the OS and the Electrum wallet here please and where you downloaded the client from.

Save all of the versions of the Wallet.back ups you have and hopefully some one who knows more than I can help.

Try to start the wallet through your command-line, that should work in this case. If the wallet salvage process fails, you’ll need a more advanced way to extract the keys from your wallet database, but don’t worry, we have the tools for that.


lionzeye I was hoping you were still around! Thanks for any help you can give here

lionzeye Yh can you please retrieve the coins from the electrum wallet
Thanks for the help

Sinistkill Which OS are we talking about?