Wallet crashed - How to import private keys


I had a newly created wallet which I sent coins to. Although I left the wallet open and my Girlfriend pulled the plug on my laptop.

When I turned my laptop back on I was met with the message ‘wallet.dat corrupt, salvage failed’

I managed to recover my private keys…although there are about 123 keys in a txt file.

How do I import all keys to my wallet ?? Is there a way to import all of them at once?

Or how do I know which one corresponds to my wallet with coins inside?

Many thanks


quoteclub Fortunately I do not have experience with this situation, but one the community contributors does! He has created a wallet restoration script in case this has ever happened to anyone. Thank lionzeye for this.


You could also try this command line tool first https://github.com/lionzeye/reddcointools/blob/master/fixwallet.py

You can you find how to read

lionzeye With these 123 private keys I was able to recover, how do I import them?

I have tried the importprivkey ‘privatekey’

When I type this then nothing happens, it just accepts it and then I am able to retype again.

Is there a way to know which key corresponds to my wallet? or a faster way to import all 123 keys ?