Wallet Crashes when entering passphrase

So the trouble I’m having is that I recently encrypted my wallet, but now whenever I try to enter my passphrase the wallet crashes. I can’t stake because the wallet is locked, but I can’t unlock the wallet.

I did happen to backup the wallet right before encrypting it.

Im on a Mac OSx Yosemite with 8gig RAM

Can a wallet be unencrypted?

What software are you using QT or ReddWallet?

I’m using QT

If you backed up the wallet before encrypting it, nothing to worry about. Just close Reddcoin-Qt all the way and back up (yes, again) your encrypted wallet.dat just in case. Name it wallet.enc.dat.bak

Then copy your non-encrypted version over to the ~/Library/Application\ Support/Reddcoin/ folder.

And what should I name the backup file when I put it into the Reddcoin folder? Sorry for the noob question.

I tried what you suggested, naming the backup file wallet.dat after I copied it into the Reddcoin folder, reopened the wallet but its still encrypted.

Always make sure the original wallet.dat retains the same name when replacing a version that you want to replace.

You may be able to also restore your wallet if you are running Time Machine.