Wallet.dat issue please help

I made a wallet using the client bought 30k coins and added them to the wallet. After a few months i opened the client to view my coins and got a error so i resynced it today and moved my backup to %appdata%/roaming/reddcoin. After i got it all done it says i have 0.0rdd i checked my transactions and there is none my wallet.dat size increased my rdd address changed. I also tryed reddcoin-qt.exe -salvagewallet. I have no idea where they went and if it was my wallet was stolen i would still atleast be able to see the transaction so i know its a wallet issue

Start your wallet with the -rescan parameter. Example from your cmd: “path\to\your\reddcoin.exe” -rescan. The current transaction view is still tied to the newly generated wallet.dat, not to your backup.

That did not help it just restarted with 0.0rdd again and no transactions